Pitched roof windows need specially-made loft blinds, but with VELUX there’s no need to compromise on style. Find your perfect match with our buyer’s guide.

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How to choose the perfect VELUX blind

When it comes to lighting your home, you can’t beat a bit of sunlight. It’s warming, natural and, unlike most things in life, totally free. But although we all fight to get the maximum amount of rays into our homes, there are times when we want to keep them out again. It’s not easy to watch a movie, take or nap or have a long morning lie-in when you’re being blinded by the sun.

Pitched roof windows bring their own challenges. They often allow in more light than the vertical kind, simply because of the way they’re angled and the direction they face. To get the light and heat just right in your loft space, pitched roof window blinds are a must. They allow you to turn down the sun and then turn it back up again, whenever you like!

But just because you need a specially-made attic blind, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or finish.

VELUX blinds are wonderfully versatile. Not only can they give you complete control over the amount of light entering a room, but they can also save energy, keep your home at a comfortable temperature and give you unobstructed views of the outside world. Plus, because they come in such a wide variety of designs, there’s bound to be one that fits in with the look and feel you want for your home.

Choosing loft blinds may be one of the last decisions you make, but being a finishing touch doesn’t make it any less important. Should you go for Roman or Venetian? Manual or electric? Our guide to VELUX window blinds is here to help you choose.

What type of VELUX window blind do I need?

velux-bedroom-blindsThe right skylight blind can transform your loft space, whether you use it as a living room, kitchen, master suite or child’s bedroom. But everything from your budget to your personal style will dictate the type of blind you end up with. Here are a few things to bear in mind before you start shopping.

Decide your budget

Loft window blinds have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when your choice was limited to standard roller blinds in cream, white or grey. VELUX blinds now combine the latest technology (such as electric VELUX blinds that open at the touch of a button) with on-trend styling features (like bold colours or light-diffusing pleats).

However, while the sky’s the limit when it comes to choice, as the number of features increases, so does the cost. For example, an electric VELUX blind can be more than three times what you’d pay for its manual equivalent. It’s best to decide which features you really need and which are just nice to have before you go shopping.

Look at your room

Your choice of skylight blind will also depend on the function of the room you’re buying for. The clean lines of simple VELUX roller blinds are a great option for practical spaces such as home offices, but they’re also useful in kitchens and bathrooms thanks to their protective, durable coating.

For living rooms, you may want a softer, cosier feel. Fabric blinds such as VELUX Roman blinds look sumptuous and can turn your pitched roof windows into a real style feature.

Need a new blind for your little one’s bedroom? VELUX do a great range of children’s blackout blinds featuring Disney and Star Wars characters to keep the look playful.

Decide on your style

While rooftop windows may not be in your direct eye line, how you dress them should still match your sense of style.

Go for a bold pop of colour for a dramatic look or to tie the colours in a room together, or choose something more simple and neutral if you’d prefer your blind to simply blend in. Roman blinds are great for a cosy, Scandinavian feel, while Venetian blinds look more functional and work well if your style is more contemporary.

What different types of VELUX blinds are available?

Whether you’re updating your current loft blinds or putting the finishing touches to your new loft conversion, there’s a vast array of blinds available. Have a look at the list below to help you decide which one is right for you.

Standard roller blinds

Stylish, practical and budget-friendly, VELUX roller blinds are also incredibly popular, probably because there’s just so much choice. They come in a huge selection of colours, prints and patterns so there’ll be one out there to suit your room and even if they’re not blackout, they will still soften the light coming in through your roof window. Go for manual roller blinds, or choose an electric version if they’re in a hard-to-reach place. Roller blinds are shown below on the left.

Blackout blinds

Save yourself that painfully early summer wake-up time by choosing VELUX blackout blinds. Ideal for bedrooms or guest rooms, you and your visitors will never find the dawn sun disturbing your sleep again. Blackout blinds have a reflective back coating that lets you create total darkness at any time of the day. Remote-controlled blackout blinds can be an extra touch of luxury – imagine letting the morning sun into the room without having to get out of bed. The VELUX Integra Control Pad can even set your blinds to a timer so they open at the same time each day – how’s that for a natural light alarm clock? Blackout blinds are shown below on the right.

Roller blinds (left) and blackout blinds

Energy blinds

VELUX energy saving blinds work just as well as blackouts when it comes to bringing complete darkness to a room. But these specially-made thermal blackout blinds have an extra trick up their sleeves – they can save you money on your heating bills. Thanks to their heat-trapping honeycomb structure made of aluminium, VELUX energy blackout blinds can improve the insulation of your window by up to 26% so your room feels extra toasty. Energy blinds are below on the left.

Venetian blinds

Slatted blinds not only give your home a clean and contemporary look, but they’re also a practical choice for high-humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Their aluminium horizontal slats are moisture-resistant, plus Venetian shutter blinds are famously easy to keep clean with just a quick wipe. But the biggest plus is the amount of control you get when it comes to light and privacy because the angle of the slats is so simple to adjust. And forget fiddly, hanging cords, because VELUX Venetian blinds have a small, discrete slider instead. Venetian blinds are below on the right.

Roman blinds

Thought soft, fabric blinds were just for vertical windows? VELUX Roman blinds can give you this decorative style in a way that fits your pitched roof window like a glove. Ideal for living rooms, Roman blinds can soften the look of your window as well as muting the sunlight that enters the room. In a choice of beautiful fabrics, each VELUX Roman blind can be removed for easy cleaning and there are no hanging cords to worry about, either. Roman blinds are below on the left.

Pleated blinds

Want a way to still let soft light in without plunging your room into total darkness? VELUX pleated blinds are the answer. These concertina blinds keep out much of the heat and UV rays of the sun, yet still allow in small amounts of daylight for a soft, muted look. Available as top-down/bottom-up blinds, you can set them at different positions on the window for maximum flexibility. Pleated blinds are below on the right.

Duo blackout blinds

VELUX duo blackout blinds give you the best of both worlds, combining the room-darkening powers of a blackout and the softness of a pleated blind, all in one handy system. Want complete darkness so the kids can get a good night’s sleep? Use the blackout blind to remove the light from the room. Time for them to play? Use the pleated blind to soften the glare of the sunlight entering the room. Shown below on the left.

Children’s blinds

As any parent knows, the minute a ray of sunlight enters your little one’s bedroom is the moment you kiss goodbye to that morning lie-in. Luckily, VELUX does a range of kids’ blackout blinds to give you all a good night’s sleep. From nursery blinds with colourful Disney characters right through to Star Wars blinds for older kids, VELUX children’s blinds are functional but can spark their imagination when it’s time to play. These blinds are shown below on the right.

How do I want my VELUX blinds to operate?

Once you’ve chosen your blinds, you’ll need to decide how you want them to operate. Manual VELUX blinds are the most popular choice, providing a budget-friendly solution when your window’s within reach. Easy to use, VELUX manual blinds operate smoothly, but you can also buy rod controls, rod extension pieces and rod adapters.

Some skylight blinds are in hard-to-reach places and will need to be operated remotely. VELUX electric blinds use the touch-screen VELUX Integra Control Pad that lets you open and close your blinds at the touch of a button. You can control the blind from anywhere in the room and even raise and lower them on a timer. Read more on why you should upgrade to VELUX electric windows and blinds.

VELUX solar-powered blinds are also an option if you have a solar-powered roof window. Like the electric version, the solar blinds use the VELUX Integra Control Pad but can also be operated manually if you wish.

How do I find out my VELUX window code?

VELUX blinds are created to fit a specific size of a VELUX window, so come with matching size codes. Every VELUX window made after 1968 has a plate in the right-hand corner of the frame. Although invisible when the window’s closed, once you open the sash you’ll find it on the top edge, and it gives you lots of information about the window, such as the type, size and production code.

For more information on VELUX sizes, we’ve created this handy VELUX size guide.

What other kinds of roof window blinds are available?

While Danish window manufacturer VELUX is incredibly popular, they’re not the only brand of pitched roof window available. Brands such as FAKRO make their own loft blinds, specifically designed to fit FAKRO windows. FAKRO blinds come in a range of styles, from Venetian to blackout and again you’ll need to find the right code before you buy – it’s on the top edge of the sash.

Multi-fit roof window blinds are designed to fit a wide range of pitched roof windows (including brands such as VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE and Dakea). They come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and designs, such as roller, blackout and awning.

How do I fit or replace VELUX blinds?

VELUX blinds are super easy to fit or replace, even if your DIY skills aren’t particularly something to shout about! Each VELUX blind can be put up in minutes and it’s all thanks to the patented Pick&Click system.

VELUX windows come with their own pre-fitted mounts, so there’s no drilling involved, while VELUX blinds fit their matching window exactly, so you don’t need to do any cutting or trimming. Just click the top of the blind into the brackets and mount the side rails, and your blind is good to go.

How do I clean my VELUX blinds?

Most VELUX blinds come pre-treated so that they repel the dirt. That said, there’ll still be times when you’ll want to give them a quick once-over. Using the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner can get rid of any dust, while dabbing (not rubbing) any marks with a damp, soft sponge is good for spot cleaning.

Venetian blinds can be given a wipe with a cloth, and applying a thin film of detergent on the slats can stop static electricity from building up.

Finally, when you’re cleaning your windows, spraying cleaning fluid onto the cloth rather than the window will stop the product from splashing onto (and potentially damaging) your VELUX blinds.

For more information on which VELUX blinds would best suit your home or your workspace, feel free to contact us for impartial advice on 01752 692 760.

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