What could be a better use of a month’s lockdown than making your home a nicer place to be? Perhaps you’ve noticed a dripping tap, scuffed doors or one of your rooms is looking a little tired. Spending almost all of your time in your home gives you the perfect chance to catch up on some redecorating and home improvements that might otherwise take over a Bank Holiday weekend!

We’ve put together some lockdown DIY projects from Roofing Superstore, Door Superstore, Tile & Floor Superstore, and Insulation Superstore that you can do on a low budget to improve your home, or even to create more usable living space. You might be surprised at how low-cost, and easy, some of the DIY projects are! If you spend some time on home improvements this month, let us know or share the final result with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to see how you get on!

How to upgrade your splashback on a budget

Lockdown has many made homeowners want to renovate kitchens and bathrooms but that can be pricey! Why not use tiles to create a beautiful, bespoke splashback in your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen? Most splashbacks are only 1m2 so you could comfortably design yourself a new splashback for less than £100.

Learn how to tile your splashback on a budget with Tile & Floor Superstore.

How to turn your flush door into a shaker door for under £100

Flush doors are a simple, plain choice for an internal door. Perhaps painting it a unique colour, or opting to create a shaker door from inexpensive materials is a good project to regenerate them? With some thin plywood and some strong adhesive, you can create a patterned, panelled or shaker-effect door yourself!

Follow our how-to guide to turn your flush door into something more exciting with Door Superstore.

How to upcycle your old door for less than £100

If your internal doors have had better days and they’re due a replacement, you could spend a little time upcycling your old door to give it new life. Turn your door into porch storage, a bookshelf, a makeshift dressing table or any number of creations! The limit is only your imagination! Lushome have 25 ideas that you could put to use, the bookshelf below is one of theirs!

Find out how to begin the process of upcycling your old door with Door Superstore.

How to insulate your pipes to save on bills

Insulating your pipes can help cut down on bills as you don’t require as much gas or electricity to heat your water in the freezing temperatures. It can also stop pipes outdoors from freezing and causing damage. You can retrofit insulation on pipes, so no need to detach anything at all.

Follow our simple guide to which type of pipe insulation suits you best, and how to install it in no time with Insulation Superstore.

How to insulate your garage to create a comfortable work-from-home space

With the whole family spending time in the house, it can hard to find quiet space to concentrate and work from home. If you have a garage or outbuilding, this could be the perfect opportunity to insulate this space and make it more comfortable to work from. Perhaps you have an office but the garage could do with some TLC to turn it into a home gym!

Learn how to insulate your garage yourself on a budget with Insulation Superstore.

How to DIY your own wall panelling

Wall panelling is a low-cost and inexpensive project that could turn your plain living space into a bespoke-patterned talking point! By using simple equipment and low-cost thin plywood, you can create a classic look or you can let your creative flair run with hexagonal patterns, diamond patterns or trellis patterns too. Check out the inspiration image below from Handmade Haven.

Follow this easy guide to DIY wall panelling from Roofing Superstore.

How to replace your door handles on a budget

Door handles can be a functional, low-key part of a door, or you can choose to make a bold style statement. It’s easy to remove existing door handles and replace them with something newer or something more exciting! It’s easier than you think, and even easier with a step-by-step guide from Door Superstore.

Use the straight-forward advice from Door Superstore to replace your door handles.

How to make shelving out of plywood

An easy, stylish and affordable solution to create more storage space in your home, making your own shelves out of plywood gives you the freedom to choose your own colour scheme, size and positioning. Design your ultimate book shelf, eye-catching ornament display, or low-key plant holder for less than £100 with this simple guide.

Use this guide from Roofing Superstore to turn plywood into stylish shelving.

How to replace faded or scuffed skirting boards

Unsightly marks and scuffs on a skirting board can devalue a room and make it look tired. If you’re on a budget this lockdown but you’re looking to refresh a room, replacing old skirting boards for a crisp, white finish to your room is an inexpensive but transformative project.

Read through the easy step-by-step guide to replacing fading or scuffed skirting boards with Door Superstore.

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