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Green roofs, or sedum roofs, are growing in popularity throughout the UK and globally, partly due to the growing environmental concerns and focus on minimising the impact on the environment. Here at Roofing Superstore we are proud to offer sedum roofs from both SkyGarden and Wallbarn at our famously competitive prices.

A sedum roof is a type of living roof, consisting of a layer of vegetation that has been placed on a rooftop. The vegetation is self-sufficient, growing and developing to provide protection, absorb carbon dioxide and creating a point of interest.

There are numerous benefits of having a sedum roof installed on your latest project. 

Ecological benefits of a sedum roof

Ecologically, a green roof will provide natural habitat for a number of plants and animals, as well as smaller insects and invertebrates. This helps to increase biodiversity, which is especially important in built up areas where natural habitats have been destroyed.

Financial benefits of a sedum roof

Financially, installing a green or sedum roof will reduce the carbon footprint, not only through the use of vegetation, but also because the green roof provides improved insulation, reducing heating costs in the winter. A green roof also adds value to a property, so if you’re considering selling in the future, a sedum roof should definitely be considered. 

Environmental benefits of a sedum roof

The photosynthesizing process of plants reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, converting it to oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, so reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is always an environmental benefit, especially when the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the renovation or construction processes of the buildings is high. It also helps improve the surrounding air quality which can bring health benefits.

Another environmental benefit of sedum roofing is that the plants and soil naturally evaporate water. This helps to cool the surrounding air, which helps to reduce the effect of an urban heat island. Added to this is the reduction in large reflective manmade surfaces, as a roof is replaced by vegetation, which further reduces the urban heat island effect.

If you're looking to install a sedum roof, feel free to call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to offer advice and guidance.

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