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What are GRP valley troughs?

GRP valley troughs are a robust, durable and lightweight alternative to lead and zinc valley. GRP valleys are manufactured from glass reinforced plastic.

Roof valleys are the channels that run down the joints of the roof. They are typically metal, and seal the joints between the two faces of roofing material, generally tiles or slates, directing water to run off into the guttering.

Benefits of GRP valley troughs

GRP valley troughs provide an alternative to a metal roof valley with a number of benefits.

Long lifespan

Firstly, GRP is an incredibly strong material with a long lifespan. This means that GRP valley troughs will last longer than the metal valley alternatives, which often end up corroding over time, coming away from the roof and causing damage. Roof valleys are one of the most vulnerable parts of the roof, as it is where two different angles of tiles meet, so it is important that they are protected with a longlasting and strong material.


GRP valley troughs are incredibly lightweight, particularly when compared with lead valleys. This means that they are easy to handle, reducing installation times.

Don't need to shaping onsite

GRP valley troughs are manufactured preformed, meaning unlike traditional lead, they do not need to be shaped onsite. This also helps to save time spent on the installation process, saving on labour costs.

Rainwater run-off efficiency

Another benefit of using dry valley as opposed to lead valleys is that the preformed shape also increases the run-off speed of rainwater. This means that the GRP valley troughs are more efficient in directing water to the gutter and drainage system, and less surface water builds up. 

Visually uniform

Visually, GRP valley troughs are used to create a uniform, consistent finish to the roofing project. Unlike traditional lead valleys, which are individually shaped by hand when installed, GRP valley troughs have a preformed shape which is uniform and consistent throughout.

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