Loft Roll Insulation

Loft roll insulation is one of the most popular forms of loft insulation on the market. Loft roll insulation is, as the name suggest, recommended for installation in loft and ceiling spaces because it’s very easy to roll out. Once it’s rolled out in loft space for example, there’s no further work needed to secure it. You can install chipboard or structural plywood over this loft roll over the beams in the floor so that you can walk easily over the insulation, but there’s no requirement for this. Most rolls of loft roll insulation are made in two widths so they slot easily in spaces between 400mm or 600mm centres.

Loft roll insulation comes in materials like mineral wool, glass wool and sheep’s wool. Mineral wool is an inexpensive material manufactured from volcanic rock into rolls which will easily roll out and slot into centres of joists. This can then be packed on top of to reach the desired insulation depth if the joists aren’t deep enough.

Glass wool is very similar to mineral wool in all its properties. Glass wool is manufactured from glass and sand. They’re melted together and spun into fibres that are bound with resin or adhesive. For this reason glass wool is often known as fiberglass insulation. Glass wool is the most popular type of loft insulation on the UK market but it isn’t suited to damp areas so it’s recommended that this is only used on a warm loft, where insulation is in the roof as well as the ceiling of the final storey of the property.

Sheep’s wool is a natural loft roll product which is manufactured from sheep’s wool! It’s a very soft and environmentally friendly product which doesn’t require PPE to fit because it’s so gentle. It’s also good at absorbing moisture and preventing mould which is reflected in its price tag as sheep’s wool insulation is commonly more expensive than glass wool or mineral wool.

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