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Roofing Superstore is proud to offer a wide-ranging variety of different roof shingles for your latest project, from high-quality brands such as MetrotileKatepal and Cembrit, all at our famously competitive prices.

Choose from Cedar shingles such as Western Red cedar shingles and Eastern White cedar shinglesMetrotile metal roof shingles, or square butt roof shingles including shingles from ArmourglassCembritKatepal and Coroshingle. Alternatively, you might want half-round roof shingles or hexagonal butt roof shingles.

Metrotile roof shingles come with a 40-year weatherproof guarantee, and Cembrit shingles offer a 25-year product guarantee.

If you’re unsure of whether roof shingles are the best choice for your latest roofing project or want to know more about the different options available, the information below is on hand to help. Alternatively, feel free to call our team of roofing experts on 01752 692760 or use the live chat – we’ll be more than happy to offer product recommendations and advice.


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