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Roofing Superstore is proud to offer a wide ranging variety of different roof shingles for your latest project, from high quality brands such as Metrotile, Katepal and Cembrit, all at our famously competitive prices. 

If you’re unsure of whether roofing shingles are the best choice for your latest roofing project, or want to know more about the different options available, read on. Alternatively, feel free to call our team of roofing experts on 01752 692760 or use the live chat – they are more than happy to offer product recommendations and advice.

What are roof shingles?

Roof shingles are small pieces of material that are placed along a pitched roof in a consistent and overlapping pattern, to create a uniform and complete roof covering that is watertight and weather resistant. There are a wide number of different types of roof shingles, from variations in the type of material used to create them, to the different shapes, colours and profiles of roofing shingles. This means that roofing shingles can be used to create a multitude of different roof finishes and styles. 

What are roof shingles used for?

Roofing shingles are used in a wide range of different applications to create the perfect pitched roof covering. Roof shingles are low cost and easy to use, making them suitable for both permanent and temporary roofs. Roof shingles, or shed shingles, are suitable for small domestic buildings such as garages, sheds and outbuildings, but can also be used in larger applications, such as houses, offices and industrial buildings. 

What are the benefits of using roof shingles?

There are a number of benefits to using roof shingles as your choice of roofing material. Firstly, roofing shingles are installed easily, with a straightforward process, meaning that even an inexperienced DIYer can undertake the roofing of a small shingle roof. This means they are perfect for sheds and garages, and do not require a professional. 

There are a range of different shed roof tiles available, and lifespans depend on the type of material used. However, there is a misconception that roof shingles do not have a very good lifespan, when in reality if installed effectively, they can last for a large number of years before any require replacing. For example, Metrotile roof shingles have a 40 year weatherproof guarantee, whilst Cembrit shingles have a 25 year product guarantee.

Roof shingles are a cost-effective, affordable form of roofing, which is another reason they are so attractive for small scale roofing projects as well as larger scale roofs. 

Aesthetics are not compromised when opting for a roof created from roof shingles. Roof shingles create a smart, uniform appearance and felt roofing shingles come in a wide range of different colours and styles, so no compromises on appearance are necessary. 

What materials are roof shingles made from?

Roof shingles are available in a range of different materials. 

Felt roof shingles

Felt shingles are some of the most popular and traditional roofing shingles available, and are often used for vertical cladding as well as roofing. They are a great option when looking for roofing products for garden buildings and outhouses, as they just need to be fixed to a wooden surface. Felt roof tiles come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, and there are a number of felt tiles that are self-adhesive, making the installation process even easier. Felt roof shingles are long-lasting, versatile and weatherproof, allowing you to create the perfect roof, whether it is on a contemporary or traditional building, without compromising on functionality.

If roofing felt tiles are the chosen option for you, take a look at Katepal’s range of bitumen felt shingles, or alternatively view the Armourglass or Coroshingle ranges.

Cedar roof shingles

Cedar shingles are commonly known as shed roof shingles, because of their popularity when working on shed roofs. A great advantage of cedar roof shingles is that they can be used on lower pitched roofs than other roofing shingles, so can be used in a wider range of applications. If you’re unsure of how to re-roof a shed roof with cedar shingles, we’ve created a handy guide.

Another benefit of cedar shingle is that they are a great choice for sustainable projects – thye are supplied from sustainable sources, and are actually a bi-products, created from the waste products at mills. This results in a roofing product with an incredibly low carbon footprint. 

When choosing cedar shingles, you can opt for the Western Red cedar shingles, which will weather to a natural reddish brown colour, or alternatively opt for Eastern White cedar shingles, which will mature into a silver grey colour. You can also choose to stain or paint cedar shingles 6 or 7 months after installing them. 

Another option to consider is Tapco shakes. These are synthetic alternatives to cedar shakes, that provide all of the aesthetic benefits of cedar shingles, but without any of the issues that may occur, including cracking, splitting and fire-risk.

Metal roof shingles

Metal roof shingles are a relatively uncommon, but are growing in popularity as more people realise the benefits. Metal roof shingles are incredibly lightweight, and easy to install, but provide the appearance of a cedar shingle roof. Metal roof shingles are often chosen due to their non-corrosive properties, as well as the high strength and impact resistance. Metal roof materials are often disregarded as it is believed that they will generate higher noise under the impact of inclement weather such as rain and hail, but this is not the case. Metrotile metal roof shingles in particular have been manufactured with a combination of stone and acrylic glaze, and this combines with the underlay to match the soundproofing characteristics of more traditional roofing materials. 

What shapes of roof shingle are available?

Shingle roof tiles come in a number of different shapes, sizes and colours, allowing you to pick and choose to create the perfect roof. 

Square butt roof shingles

Square butt roof shingles are one of the most popular choices when it comes to the shape of roof shingles. Simple and clean, square butt shingles are manufactured from felt, and allow you to create a completely uniform roof, and if done in a particular way, this can emulate the design of a tiled roof. 

If square butt roof shingles are the shape of choice for your roofing product, take a look at square butt shingles from Armourglass, Cembrit, Katepal and Coroshingle.

Alternatively, choose cedar shingles or metal shingles for a square butt, clean finish.

Half round roof shingles

Half round roof shingles are a great way to add a sense of class, tradition and history to your roof. Half round shingles are also referred to as scalloped shingles, and create the appearance of a decorative tiled roof, whilst providing all the benefits of a shingled roof. 

Hexagonal butt roof shingles

If you’re looking for something a bit different, hexagonal butt roof shingles are the way to go! As the name suggests, these roof shingles are hexagonal in shape, and can be installed on your roof to create an eyecatching, honeycombed structure. 

Choose from a range of different colours of hexagonal butt shingles from Katepal and Armourshield, or opt for our own-brand, high performing hexagonal butt shingles for your roof. 

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