Pipe Flashing

Pipe flashings are used to seal ventilation pipes, plumbing pipes and other service pipe protrusions that penetrate the roof. When pipes need to penetrate the roof structure, no matter how tight the fit, they leave a small gap around their diameter in which air, rain and insects could gain entry to the property. To prevent this and to leave an attractive finish around the pipe, a pipe flashing is used.

Pipe flashings weatherproof the area around the pipe and provide a level of draught proofing too. Aesthetics are obviously very important on a newly-built or refurbished roof so any works done must be finished to a good standard. Due to this, the well-known brands which offer pipe flashings often have a range of sizes, colours and materials available. 

Typically manufactured from either aluminium or a lead alternative material, pipe flashings also feature EPDM to get a tight seal around the pipe. 

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