Code 3 Lead Flashing

Code 3 lead flashing from chosen manufacturer Calder Lead conforms to BS EN 12588 standards. This means it is 1.32mm thick, without more or less than 5% deviation in that thickness across its length. That requirement is laid out for the British and European milled lead standard. 

We supply lead in 3m rolls and 6m rolls. In 6m rolls, code 3 lead’s main application is in the creation of soakers. We understand that 6m roll for this purpose may be too much, so we also supply 3m rolls of code 3 lead. Our smallest width roll is 100mm and the widest available is 1200mm. 

If you need help with lead codes, or which thickness you might need, have a look at our lead codes explained article. If you're looking for an exact size of lead roof flashing, why not try our cut-to-size service which gives you precisely what you need so you don't pay more to waste lead. 

Do you need to talk about your project before placing your order? Feel free to call our friendly team on 01752 692 760, they’ll happily help.

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