Insulation Slab

Insulation slab is also known as insulation batt. It’s manufactured from glass wool, mineral wool and sheep’s wool but instead of being moulded into rolls (which is the most common type of insulation), it’s made into more rigid slabs for easier use in upright positions. Insulation slab roof insulation fits neatly into joists and battens in roof spaces and ceilings, easily fitting into partition walls too.

Rigid insulation slab, or insulation batt, is easier to work with than rolls when you’re placing the insulation upright in a wall or pitched roof. This is because the insulation won’t sag or compress. Insulation slab from Roofing Superstore comes from brands Knauf and ROCKWOOL.

Knauf offers Earthwool Building Slab for non-combustible thermal and acoustic universal building insulation slabs alongside Earthwool Flexible Slab which is more flexible for friction fitting. ROCKWOOL offers RWA45 for acoustic insulation and thermal insulation in general building applications and ROCKWOOL flexislab which is a multi-use semi-rigid slab which features one flexible edge for a perfect friction fit.

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