Flat Roof Rooflights

Roofing Superstore is proud to offer a comprehensive range of flat roof rooflights for your latest project, from a number of high quality and well respected brands such as VELUX, FAKRO, Mardome, Reflex and Atlas. 

What is a rooflight?

A rooflight is the term used to describe a type of window that is installed onto a flat roof. They tend to sit slightly above the roofline, as they generally require an upstand or kerb to be fitted, but are quite unnoticeable from the outside.

Why buy a rooflight?

Rooflights are the perfect solution to maximising the amount of daylight that gets into your home or building. Not only does the natural light mean you can save on energy bills by not needing to turn lights on, but it can also warm the room. Additionally, by brightening a room, rooflights can help to make the available space feel bigger.

Different types of rooflight

VELUX flat roof rooflights

VELUX offer a variety of different flat roof rooflights for your home or building. From traditional flat glass rooflights to rooflights with curved glass in, and with a variety of opening options, there is plenty to choose from, and all at the high quality that VELUX is known for.  Choose a fixed VELUX rooflight if you don’t need it to open, or opt for an electrically operated VELUX rooflight – these rooflights come with a control pad to operate remotely, and a rain sensor to prevent anything from being damaged when the rain starts!

FAKRO flat roof rooflights

FAKRO flat modular rooflights come in a range of different profiles and operating methods. From fixed modular rooflights, that simply let more light into your building, to rooflights for your green roof, and access rooflights which allow access to the roof, FAKRO have thought of everything you’ll need. 

Mardome rooflights

Mardome provide a number of different flat roof rooflights, but of particular interest are the Mardome hi-light rooflights. The Hi-Light range has been inspired by natural daylight, and comes in a range of different glazing options, including single skin, double skin and triple skin polycarbonate domes. Choose from rooflight packages that include a dome and kerb, or opt for just the dome if you are replacing a pre-existing rooflight.

Reflex rooflights

Reflex specialise in fixed flat rooflights for your home, and have been designed to look good from both the interior and exterior. Reflex rooflights are triple glazed as standard, which not only provides safety and noise reduction, but also insulation – retaining the heat within the home to cut down on energy costs. Reflex also have a range of walk on rooflights, which can be used in basements, above cellars, to create a feature in the garden, and more. They have been manufactured to provide a flush fit when installed, and comes in a number of different tints and decorative anti-slip designs to provide the perfect finish.

Atlas rooflights 

Rooflights from Atlas have been designed with style in mind, providing maximum light entry through the self-cleaning glass, whilst being surrounded by minimal frames to provde a smooth and contemporary finish – appearing frameless from the inside. As well as style, Atlas flat rooflights provide thermal efficiency, with an overall U value of 1.3.

Here at Roofing Superstore, we have a number of skylights, roof domes, sun tunnels and roof lanterns for your flat roof as well as this range of rooflights. For more information, or for any questions or queries feel free to call our team on 01752 692760 and they will be more than happy to help.


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