Bailey Sure-Line Pre-Formed Roof Edging

At Roofing Superstore our choice of flat roof materials includes everything you need to create a long-lasting, weather proof flat roof that performs and looks good too. Including fibreglass roof kits, torch-on felt, and liquid rubber products, everything you need for flat roofing is in one place. Whether you’re repairing a flat roof or laying a new one from scratch, you’ll find all the materials you need here. Looking for pitched roof materials? You’ll find pitched roofing products here.

Roof edging

Roof edging trims are one of the key products needed to install an attractive flat roof and to ensure it performs to the best of its ability. Roof edge trims make sure that moisture doesn’t seep into the felt and cause condensation or damp issues. Fixed using screws, sealant or nails you can purchase fibreglass trims, fabricated metal trims and felt profiles so you pick the material most suited for your flat roofing project.

Flat roof edge detail

Using a unique slide and lock system, flat roof edge detailing can be completed even quicker without the need for labour-intensive detailing. Bailey Sure-line roof edging is a popular choice for achieving a superb finish at budget-friendly prices. Easy to use and built to last, order your pre-formed roof edging by clicking the links below and you could save time on your flat roofing project. This product gives a crisp edge to a flat roof and can be purchased in green or black. If you aren’t sure if this product is right for your project, give our customer service team a call on 01752 692760 and they’ll gladly talk you through it.

Products in Bailey Sure-Line Pre-Formed Roof Edging:

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