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Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of flat roof domes from a number of well known, reputable and high quality brands, including VELUX, FAKRO and Mardome, all at our famously competitive prices. 

What are roof domes?

A roof dome is fitted onto a flat roof, providing the room below with increased amounts of natural daylight, and can also be a source of ventilation and fresh air if desired. They can dramatically change a room, brightening it up and making it feel like a larger space, whilst reducing energy consumption through the use of artificial light.

Different types of roof dome

VELUX roof domes

VELUX manual opening domes are constructed with a toughened outer pane, and an additional inner pane for safety. The outer pane has a low E coating to reduce heat loss, whilst the panes are covered with a polycarbonate cover. This not only increases insulation, but also protects the panes from extreme weather. 

Each VELUX dome can be opened using an opening spindle, which will allow differing levels of ventilation in depending on what you require. Choose from clear or opaque opening domes, depending on the level of privacy you require.

FAKRO roof domes

FAKRO roof domes come in a range of different styles and opening methods, depending on your preference. FAKRO have a range of fixed roof domes, which are perfect for those areas in which you’d like to increase the amount of sunlight within a room, but do not need to be opened. Alternatively, opt for manual opening domes, which can be opened with a simple control rod. 

If you’re looking for an opening roof dome that will be fitted in a hard to reach place, an Electric dome is a great option. Operated remotely, and with a rain sensor, FAKRO Z-wave roof domes are a great way to let light and air into a high ceilinged room.

Mardome roof domes

Mardome have created a range of circular flat roof domes in a range of sizes to suit your home, which allow natural light to enter the room but with a distinct and alternative style. Each Mardome roof dome comes with a GRP kerb, and security caps over fixings to ensure peace of mind. 

Other polycarbonate roof domes

Roofing Superstore has a number of other roof domes, manufactured from polycarbonate to allow daylight to enter the room below. Choose from square, circular, or rectangular domes depending on your aesthetic vision, and opt for fixed, manual or electrically operated domes.

If you’re unsure if which roof dome is best for your project, or would like some advice, feel free to call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help.

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