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Roofing Superstore is proud to offer a range of innovative and easy-to-install dry ridge and hip systems, all at our famously competitive prices.

What are dry ridge and hip systems?

Dry ridge and hip systems are an innovative alternative to the traditional method of installing ridge and hip tiles to the roof with sand and mortar. Dry verge and dry hip systems typically use an interlocking tiles method, along with screws and clamps, that needs no wet materials such as mortar to fix the tiles to the roof. 

The ridge of a roof is the length of the peak of the roof, whilst the hips of roofs are the parts of a hip roof that join the sides of a roof together to meet at the ridge. 

What are the benefits of using dry ridge systems and dry hip systems?

There are a number of benefits to using a dry ridge system or dry hip system as opposed to the traditional wet verge and ridge systems.

Quick installation process

The installation process for dry ridge systems and dry hip systems is relatively straightforward, and less time consuming than using sand and mortar. This means that installation time is reduced, helping to save on labour costs and keep on track with budget and time. 

No maintenance required

Dry ridge and hip systems do not need any maintenance once installed, meaning once they are installed they can be virtually forgotten about. In comparison, sand and mortar ridge and hip tiles need to be maintained, replacing the mortar bonds when they break down. 


Using a dry ridge and hip system provides a level of flexibility that is not possible with sand and mortar ridge and hip installation. Thermal expansion and contraction means that there is some movement within the roof over time, and mortar is rigid, not allowing for movement. This results in cracking and splits within the mortar, reducing the stability of the roof ridges and hips. Dry ridge and hip systems allow for flexibility so do not break as a result of thermal movement. 


Dry ridge tiles and hip systems also create a level of ventilation into and out of the roof space. Unlike traditional sand and mortar ridge and hip tiles, that create a solid barrier between the external and internal roof space, dry ridge and hip systems provide some ventilation to prevent a build up of moisture, which can lead to condensation, damp and mould.

For more information on why you should consider a dry ridge kit for your roof, check out our blog post here.

What are the different types of dry ridge and hip systems available?

Roll out dry ridge and hip systems

Roll out dry ridge and hip systems are one of the more popular dry ridge and hip systems available. A roll out system involves a roll of material that is laid along the ridge or hip, before the tiles are then installed. The roll out material has a number of brackets to which the tiles can be connected, creating a wind proof and waterproof ridge and hip without preventing ventilation from occurring within the roof space.

Choose from roll out dry ridge systems and dry hip systems from Manthorpe, Klober, Easy Trim and more.

Fibre cement dry ridge systems

Fibre cement dry ridge systems work similarly to roll out dry ridge systems, in that they use a ridge roll that is rolled out along the ridge, and used to fix dry ridge systems to. Fibre cement ridge tiles are then used to create the roof ridge, fitted with self sealing screws to create a watertight fixing. Fibre cement roof tiles are a great alternative to more traditional roofing tiles, as they are lightweight and more budget friendly. Additionally, they are quick and easy to fit, and are recyclable, making them suitable for environmentally friendly projects.

Roofing Superstore offers a range of fibre cement dry ridge systems from Etex Exteriors and Cembrit.

Copper dry ridge systems

Another alternative to a traditional wet ridge system is a copper ridge system. Copper ridge systems are a form of ridge system that is retro fitted to existing ridge systems, meaning that they can be quickly and easily installed on top of existing poorly performing ridge systems to add protection to the ridge. As well as protecting the existing ridge system, copper ridge systems also prevent moss from growing on the roof – rainwater washes over the copper, absorbs a number of chemicals that are poisonous to plant growth, then washes down over the roof, spreading the chemicals over the roof surface and preventing moss and algae growth. 

Manthorpe smart ridge system

Manthorpe have developed their own smart ridge and hip system to replace traditional sand and mortar ridge and hip fixings. The Manthorpe smart ridge system consists of interlocking tiles, whilst a number of ridge end caps are available to prevent birds and rain from entering the roof space.

If you’re still unsure of whether a dry ridge and hip system is the best solution for your roofing project, don’t hesitate to call our team on 01752 692760, or alternatively use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner. Our team is available from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and will be more than happy to offer product recommendations and advice.

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