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VELUX windows have been the clear market leader for over 70 years, for roof windows and rooflights, manufacturing the highest quality products and a full range of accessories too. Designing their pitched roof windows with daylight, fresh air and aesthetics in mind VELUX has curated a large catalogue of impressive products with upgrades such as triple-glazing, electric operation, solar-powered and smoke ventilation. To get the best from your VELUX roof window, we offer a variety of VELUX blinds in a range of colours, patterns, sizes and opening type that make the perfect fit for your window. Check out our VELUX windows price list to see what's within your budget. 

Contact our roof window experts on 01752 692760 for advice on which VELUX window is right for you, if you’d like help with which accessories you might need to install your window correctly, and for installation guidance. When you buy VELUX windows at Roofing Superstore you benefit from our our Lowest Price Guarantee and Free Delivery. Having trouble with the windows size codes? Try our VELUX window sizes chart.

VELUX Centre Pivot Windows

VELUX centre pivot windows are a firm favourite as there are so many options for you to customise your window with. Swinging open from the centre of the window, centre pivots are ideally suited to any room with low ceilings or any window openings which are relatively low down. Available in the traditional pine finish and modern white-painted finish, VELUX centre pivot roof windows come in standard manual, electric, and solar options. If you opt for a VELUX white PU coated manual centre pivot window, you also get the option of choosing an ‘obscure’ window for maximum privacy or advanced triple glazing for increased thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

How do centre-pivot windows work?

The most popular roof window on the market, you open centre pivot windows with a control bar that’s located at either the top or bottom, meaning half of the window comes into the room when it’s opened. Centre pivot roof windows are popular as they’re so easy to maintain - they come with a 180 degree rotation function which allows for easy cleaning on both sides.

Choose centre pivot if you want bags of choice in terms of design and finish, or you’re trying to keep costs down. On average, centre pivot windows are between £50 to £100 cheaper than like-for-like top hung models. Centre pivot VELUX roof lights can be operated by remote control too, making them a great choice for hard-to-reach places.

Avoid centre pivot if uninterrupted views are important to you. Half the sash remains in the room when fully open, so there’ll always be a slight obstruction, both to your eyes and perhaps to your head if you’re tall. Centre pivot isn’t an option if your pitched roof window needs to be a means of escape due to the sash's positioning when open. If your window needs this life-saving benefit, you’ll need a top-hung window.

VELUX Top Hung Windows

Top hung windows from VELUX open from the bottom outwards with an easy pull handle. Designed to give you the best view with most air ventilation, the windows come in 3 different finishes: traditional pine, white-painted and white PU coated. The VELUX roof windows will look fantastic in any finish and can also be upgraded in any size to feature triple-glazing and noise reduction. Similar to white PU coated manual centre pivot windows, top hung windows of the same finish are also able to upgrade to ‘obscure’ and advanced triple glazing.

How do top-hung windows work?

With the pivot at the top, all of the sash will be outside of the room when the window’s fully open. Top hung windows are normally installed at eye-level as they’re so good for enjoying the view.

Choose top hung if the pitched roof window needs to be a means of escape - many top hung roof windows have been built with this exact scenario in mind. Top hung is also a great option when space is at a premium as none of the sash protrudes into the room and you’ll be able to open it no matter what furniture you have underneath.

Avoid top hung if you want a window that opens at the touch of a button - many brands don’t offer this function for their top hung windows.

VELUX Conservation Roof Windows

With buildings that are older or are in conservation areas it’s extremely important to retain the existing look when installing new windows. VELUX conservation roof windows have been manufactured specifically for this use, incorporating many different looks, including slate roofs, into their range. They’re also available in both centre pivot and top hung openings as well as having options for recessed installation to be compatible with slate and tile roofs.

VELUX Rooflights

Suited to uninhabited spaces, such as lofts, VELUX rooflights (also known as VELUX skylight windows) allow you to bring daylight and fresh air into a room without compromising on interior or exterior style. Opening from the left as standard (which can be changed to the right before installation) VELUX rooflights open up to 3 different positions, allowing you to choose how much or little ventilation you would like.

How do I choose the operation of a VELUX window?

While many prefer the reliability of windows you open by hand, electrically-operated windows are great for those in out-of-reach places. Some even have rain sensors so that they close automatically if it starts to pour.

Manual VELUX windows

Reliable and easy to use, manual windows are operated by hand or, if they’re out-of-reach, using an opening rod. They’re popular because they’re easy to maintain and having no electrical function means lower energy bills.

Electric VELUX windows

Love kitting out your home with the latest technology? Electric windows are perfect for you, letting you open and close your windows at the touch of a button, from either a remote control or a switch that’s mounted on the wall. Although these are more expensive than manual options, they’re a great choice if your window is hard to reach. This is demonstrated in the image to the right.

Solar VELUX windows

An eco-friendly electric option, these can also be operated remotely and come without the need for wiring because the technology is charged with solar energy. VELUX is the market leader in solar windows.

What size window do I need?

If you’re planning on buying a VELUX pitched roof window, this window size chart will come in handy. But in short, large VELUX windows will let more into your room. While that may sound great in theory, you’ll need to balance this out with other practicalities - after all, a living room that’s too bright or too warm may stop you being able to sit there comfortably.

A rough rule of thumb is that the windows should be at least 10% of the floor space. But you should also think about the style of your property. If your home is modern, large expanses of contemporary glass may work well. But if it’s more traditional, smaller windows may be more in-keeping.

What type of glazing should I choose?

There are a number of different glazing options that can improve the performance of your VELUX skylights. Common upgrades include triple glazing which reduces the amount of heat that is lost through the glass – great for maximum energy-efficiency. Triple glazing is perfect for bedrooms, keeping you toasty on even the coldest of nights.

Noise-reducing glazing is a good choice if you live in an urban area, while extra-strength and enhanced-security glazing make your windows more difficult to penetrate. Extra-strength glazing is usually paired with laminated glazing on the inner pane, to stop it from shattering when it is broken.

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