Circular Soffit Vents

Circular soffit vents are discreet, easy to install and can be used on most roofing projects. They’re available to purchase individually or in packs of 50, with a colour palette of black, brown or white to choose from.

Round soffit ventilators are designed to fit to the soffit board prior to installation but can be easily retrofitted to existing boards too. This makes them suitable for a variety of roofing projects, but you must ensure they adhere to current building regulations. These regulations stipulate how far each vent needs to be spaced apart in order to achieve a specific airflow.

Our circular soffit vents are supplied by renowned brands, including Manthorpe Building Products, Gildevale and Hambleside Danelaw. If you have any queries about these vents, our friendly team are happy to answer any questions. You can call us on 01752 692760 or utilise our online chat facility for further guidance.

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