Roof slate prices vary greatly depending on what material of roof slate you choose. Man-made roof slate prices and natural roof slate prices have very different manufacturer processes and steps before they reach the customer. Man-made roof slates are constructed from materials in a factory whereas natural roof slate is taken from the land and shipped to the UK from countries like Canada and Argentina.

Below are tables denoting the prices of the roof slate that we offer our customers. It’s sorted by material so you can select ‘Natural Roofing Slate’ for example to see all-natural roof slate price tables or you could click directly on ‘Spanish Roof Slate Prices’ if you know this is the material and location you want.

You can use the tables to compare the prices of your favourite slates to choose which you’d like, or simply use our tables below to find the cheapest way to get an attractive slate roof. Contact our customer service team on 01752 692 760 for advice or guidance on any slate roof queries.

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Natural roof slate prices

Natural roof slate is the most authentic and traditional way to get a slate roof. Natural slate has been used for centuries around the world. The cost of natural roof slates depends on where the slate was quarried (Spain, Argentina etc.), which company supplies this slate, and the grade of slate. Grade refers to the quality of the slate based on the thickness and it’s essential that if purchasing high-quality slates, you continue to purchase the same quality of slate for any extras or repair work.

Spanish roof slate prices

Around 80% of the roof slate used in Europe is Spanish slate. It can be purchased in first quality as well as standard quality from our own Roofing Superstore brand. Roofing Superstore offers blue/grey, grey, and black. Spanish roof slate prices vary from under £1 a slate ex. vat to over £7 a slate ex. vat.

Tile Ex. VAT Price From
First Quality Spanish Roof Slate £0.91
Standard Quality Spanish Roof Slate £1.63

Canadian roof slate prices

Canadian slate from Cembrit features Canadian Glendyne first quality slate and Canadian Glacier standard quality slate. They’re of consistently high quality and Canadian Glendyne is pre-approved for use in Snowdonia National Park. The slates vary in price due to their quality, which pertains to the consistency of their thickness. If you opt for standard quality slate you just have to sort through your pallet of slates to match thicknesses from slate to slate.

Brazilian roof slate prices

Roofing Superstore’s own-brand of Brazilian roof slates is available in stunning shades of grey/green and graphite. This slate is taken from a quarry in Papagaois and the first quality natural slate has a 100-year guarantee. Brazilian roof slate is shipped halfway around the world to end up in the UK and as such, this is reflected in the price. We don’t offer a standard quality of this particular Brazilian roof slate so you’ll find our price table below shows only one type.

Tile Ex. VAT Price From
Grey/Green Brazilian Roof Slate £0.91
Graphite Brazilian Roof Slate £0.99

Argentinian roof slate prices

This Argentinian roof slate tends to have less choice than other types of natural slate as it’s classed as phyllite slate. Phyllite slate is a hard, dense and strong slate that’s manufactured when sediment turns to shale, the shale turns to slate and then that slate turns to phyllite. It boasts a satin-like sheen that allows SSQ to offer their roof slate for prices north of £2.50 ex. vat per slate.

Tile Ex. VAT Price From
SSQ Riverstone Argentinian Roof Slate £4.29

Welsh roof slate prices

Welsh roof slate prices vary massively across our selection of products as capital grade and county grade (5.5mm and 7.5mm thick respectively) Welsh roof slates come from Penrhyn and Cwt-y-Bugail quarries in Snowdonia National Park. Widely known as some of the best, most high-quality roof slates in the world, Welsh roof slate prices run from around £2 per slate ex. vat up to £17.50 per slate ex. vat.

Tile Ex. VAT Price From
Penrhyn Capital Grade Welsh Roof Slate £5.81
Penrhyn County Grade Welsh Roof Slate £5.44
Cwt-y-Bugail Capital Grade Welsh Roof Slate £4.69
Cwt-y-Bugail County Grade Welsh Roof Slate £7.80

Man-made roof slate prices

Man-made roofing slate is a fantastic way to have an authentic-looking slate roof without the expense of genuine slate or the hassle of installation and repair. Man-made roofing slate offers a great alternative without compromising on looks and without breaking the bank. Plus, as modern manufacturing gets faster and better, man-made roofing slate prices begin at under £1 a slate ex. vat. There’s also an environmental consideration during the manufacture of man-made roof slates as there’s no need for them to be shipped thousands of miles across the world.

A big perk of man-made roofing slates is that you can choose the traditional look of slate but opt for the colours of regular roof tiles. For example, terracotta-coloured man-made roofing slate.

Fibre cement roof slate prices

Manufactured from fibre cement to look exactly like genuine slate, fibre cement roof slate boasts a lower price on average per slate than genuine slate roofs. They are made to a consistent thickness so unlike genuine roof slate, they don’t need sorting by thickness to create an attractive slate roof. Fibre cement roof slate prices vary from less than £1 per slate ex. vat to just under £4 per slate ex. vat.

Plastic roof slate prices

If man-made roofing slate is made from some type of polymer or polypropylene blend it’s a plastic slate tile. TapcoSlate and NoviSlate are two fine examples of these products that are both fantastic looking. NoviSlate is a carbon grey polymer plastic slate panel and TapcoSlate is synthetic polypropylene and limestone slate which comes in many colours and styles. The pricing table for plastic roof slate prices looks very different as you don’t buy plastic slate in single slate quantities.

Tile Ex. VAT Price From
TapcoSlate Classic Roof Slate Prices (Pack 25) £55.52

Metal roof slate prices

Metal roof slate is a good solution for a strong and stable slate roof without using traditional dense roof slates. This product is often chosen as it has strength for buildings where security may be an issue or where there may be the occasional bit of foot traffic for maintenance or inspection. Britmet Slate 2000 Plus is a firm favourite in this category for its good value price and for its compatibility with VELUX windows and low-pitch roofs.

Tile Ex. VAT Price From
Britmet Slate 2000 Roof Slate Prices £12.79

Recycled roof slate prices

Recycled roof slate isn’t classed as natural slate or as man-made slate as it’s manufactured from recycled waste slate materials or pieces of previously used slate. There are fewer carbon emissions used to manufacture recycled roof slate than there are to extract natural slate from the ground so recycled roof slate prices reflect this. Often coming in interlocking format, recycled roof slate prices vary greatly.

Tile Ex. VAT Price From
EcoSlate Recycled Roof Slate Prices (Pack 16) £42.08
IKOSlate Recycled Roof Slate Prices £81.84
Sandtoft BritLock Recycled Roof Slate Prices £POA

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