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There are many different types of loft insulation on the market, including options to boost thermal performance, improve acoustics and insulate between rafters. When it comes to installing roof insulation you will fit either ‘warm roof’ or ‘cold roof’ insulation, depending on the intended use of your loft space. 

‘Warm roof’ insulation sits under the pitch of the roof in the joists, to insulate the loft itself, and is recommended when the loft space is being utilised as a room. ‘Cold roof’ insulation is when the loft insulation sits on the floor of the loft, in effect insulating the ceilings of the rooms below, and is used when the attic space is only really required for storage.

When it comes to choosing the best insulation to install, loft insulation boards and slabs are popular choices. They’re ideal for all types of construction and offer great thermal performance. If you’re tight on space consider loft roll. Made of glass mineral wool or earthwool, it’s a great space-saving option that is pre-perforated to fit between any joist spacing.

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