Code 8 Lead Flashing

Code 8 lead flashing for roofing is 3.55mm thick, as specified by the British and European BS EN 12588 standard, and weighs 40.26kg per m2. In a variety of widths, from 150mm to 1200mm, code 8 lead is available in 6m rolls and 3m rolls too. 

This type of lead is used in a variety of applications. Code 8 lead can be used for flat roofing, creating parapets, creating valley gutters, dormers, bay roofs and canopies. 

Using code 8 lead for soakers, vertical cladding and pitched roofs is not advisable. This is because it is too heavy and thick for these areas.

Our code 8 lead is brought to you at our famously competitive prices. Browse the links below to discover more about our superb code 8 lead flashing and order from our range of roll sizes.

Unsure of how or where different types of lead code are used? Check out our guide to lead codes here. If you need to find something specific and can’t find it here amongst our code 8 lead flashing, give our friendly customer service team a call using our helpline or open the chat for support. 


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