Flat Roof Windows

Flat roof windows from Roofing Superstore are available in many sizes to ensure that all rooms can benefit from natural daylight. Suited for roofs from 0° to 15° you’re able to choose your window to match both the exterior of your home and your taste. You could opt for a classic domed window, or a sleek glass roof light that will be discreet thanks to its slim profile. If you need help on which window would best suit your needs or if you need advice on what roof windows we have available, contact our roofing experts on 01752 692760.

Why are flat roof windows so important?

It’s been researched and documented so many times that high levels of Vitamin D is good for humans since it promotes calcium for bone growth and helps to regulate the immune system. Did you know that exposure to daylight is also good for sleep too? A new study carried out by a handful of universities and the VELUX group found that exposure to lots of natural light and sun during the day, followed by sleeping in total darkness, helps the body to sleep naturally and to take cues on when to sleep. This all promotes healthy living and a reduction of insomnia too.

All the research of natural daylight makes it undisputable that installing a flat roof window in an otherwise dark or artificially lit area can improve human health. Given that all it takes is a small sun tunnel or sun tube to begin injecting ‘real’ light into your home, investing in flat roof windows seems like a no brainer.

Where can I install a flat roof window?

Flat roof windows can be installed almost anywhere. The only 2 limitations on flat roof windows are that you must have the right amount of flat roof space to accommodate the window and upstand, and that the roof must be between 0 and 15 degrees. Flat roof windows are a fantastic addition to any home, freeing up spaces to be more usable and more enticing, offering more use of your existing space. They’re also extremely beneficial for those who are considering a flat roof extension because it means that no existing rooms lose any light. VELUX flat roof windows are perfect for this as they let in an extraordinary amount of daylight. 

Roof Lights

Flat glass rooflights are a stunning addition to your home as they give previously unlit rooms a window of daylight. Windows from VELUX and Mardome are always popular among our growing range of rooflights for flat roofs as there are so many options to find the perfect match for your project.

Types of Flat Roof Lights & Windows

There are many types of flat roof windows to choose from dependent on where they’re being installed and what their main purpose is. Whether they’re their to let in more daylight, to brighten up a dim corridor or to serve as ventilation, there’s a specific type of flat roof light that will suit your application the best. There are fixed rooflights, opening rooflights, roof lanterns, roof domes and the ever-popular sun tunnels to choose from.

Fixed Roof lights

Fixed roof lights are the go-to option when you want plenty of natural daylight but there’s no need to open the rooflight to ventilate the space below. Perfect for stairwells, where it would be hard to reach the window to open it, and for areas where security is an additional factor, fixed roof lights are advantageous as they’re locked and sealed shut. They’re often heralded for their gorgeous design as fixed roof light windows can have minimal frame, giving the illusion that there’s no window there at all.

Opening Roof lights

Opening roof lights as you might have guessed are the exact opposite of fixed roof lights. They can be opened and closed at will to aerate a space and to let daylight in. Options to have a lockable opening rooflight take into consideration any security concerns but opening roof lights can be designed to give you full access, perfect for installation in flat roofs with a roof terrace for example, or as an emergency exit hatch. With opening roof lights there’s no compromise on quality so they’re often a stunning addition to any home.

Pyramid Skylights and Roof Lanterns

Pyramid skylights, also known as roof lanterns, are pointed, pyramid shaped flat roof lights that provide not only a stunning focal point but let light flood in. There are many traditional and contemporary options with minimal glazing bars offering maximum pane space to ensure fantastic views and levels of light. Pyramid skylights for flat roofs come in all sizes with a range of different glazing types, perfect for the homeowner who might for example want to minimise the UV rays coming through the window, or to make the light more diffused and softer.

Roof Domes

Roof domes are like opening flat roof lights except the glazing is traditionally polycarbonate as opposed to glass and the glazing is domed rather than flat. These flat rooflights are most common for offices, schools, hospitals and other commercial buildings where they’re a low-cost alternative to domestic flat roof lights. Both fixed flat rooflights and opening, roof domes are advantageous as builders can create their own upstands rather than purchase one.

Sun Tunnels and Sun Tubes

Flat roof sun tunnels, also known as sunpipes, sun tubes and light tunnels, are a simple, cost-effective way to bring more natural daylight into your home. In areas where using a flat rooflight is not an option, utility rooms and stairwells for example, you can install a small flat roof sun tunnel that will carry the daylight from the exterior window, along a reflective tube and into your home.

VELUX Flat Roof Skylights

Flat roof lights from VELUX allow you to choose from several ranges to achieve the look you want. Flat roof VELUX fixed skylights, manual opening domes, flat glass rooflights, and electronically-controlled Integra roof windows are amongst the huge range of VELUX products available to you at fantastic prices. Pick your style, transparency, and size and we’ll apply our Lowest Price Guarantee if you find the same window for less anywhere else.

Mardome Roof lights

The ever-popular Mardome roof lights range is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and even glass tints so you can ensure the window is a perfect match to your flat roof extension. In both fixed and opening domes you can choose to have the glass tinted to a range of colours, meaning that across the glass roof lights range you’re able to customise your choice. 

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