VELUX windows refer to many options in the VELUX range including pitched roof windows, sun tunnels, roof terraces, VELUX CABRIO and flat roof windows. By adding a VELUX window to any area of the home, or a VELUX sun tunnel if there isn’t enough space, new spaces can be discovered and forgotten spaces rediscovered. Plus, choosing VELUX windows can be less costly than you think. Below are pricing tables of VELUX ranges of windows, sun tunnels and balcony windows (including VELUX roof terraces and VELUX CABRIO).

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VELUX windows price list

VELUX windows give customers plenty of choice between opening mechanisms, sizes, colour finishes and glazing. Since there are so many options it can be hard to know what sort of price range a customer or homeowner might be looking at for the type of or size of VELUX window they need. Use our VELUX window sizes chart to work out which size is which code below, then use our table to give you an estimate of how much the VELUX window you’re looking at could cost. Alternatively, contact our customer advisers on 01752 692 760 for advice on choosing a VELUX window and pricing too.


VELUX sun tunnel fitted in a roof space

VELUX Sun Tunnels price list

VELUX Sun Tunnel prices vary depending on the diameter of the sun tunnel required and whether the tunnel itself is flexible or rigid. Rigid sun tunnels can’t be bent or angled so are most common for areas where the tube will be passing through empty roof space into rooms below, whereas flexible sun tunnels can be bent and angled so they’re best for areas where you need to get around services such as air-con or other service pipes. Find out which size tunnel you need and which tunnel type is best for the application here.

VELUX sun tunnel types Ex. VAT price from
10″ Rigid Sun Tunnel Price £278.33
14″ Rigid Sun Tunnel Price £324.17
14″ Flexible Sun Tunnel Price £277.50

VELUX Balcony Windows price list

VELUX CABRIO and VELUX Roof Terrace are both designed to bring the outside in without any compromise. The stunning design of both ranges offers an unbeatable style that fits into any room or space without needing to compromise on fixtures or fittings. The prices for both of these pieces are less expensive than you might think! Use our table below to assess the starting prices of VELUX CABRIO and the starting prices of VELUX Roof Terraces.

VELUX balcony window types Ex. VAT price from
VELUX CABRIO Price (for tiles) £1,970.83
VELUX CABRIO Price (for slate) £1,970.83
VELUX Twin Roof Terrace Price £4,415.00
VELUX Triple Roof Terrace Price £6,765.00


Three top-hung VELUX windows fitted in a home


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