EPDM Rubber Roofing / EPDM Membrane

Browse the range of EPDM rubber roofing available at Roofing Superstore, from brands including HertalanFirestone and many more. EPDM roofing is growing in popularity when looking for flat roofing materials or rubber roofing supplies and has a number of benefits, including a long lifespan of over 50 years, flame free application and more. 

What does EPDM stand for?

EPDM is a synthetic rubber manufactured from Ethylene Propylene Diene Methlyene (EPDM) for use on flat roofs.

What are the benefits of EPDM flat roofing?

EPDM roofing is a durable and weatherproof rubber roofing that will provide a seamless flat roof covering. The roof covering will keep water out and prolong the life of the flat roof. By opting for EPDM you’re choosing a reliable material which is high performance.

EPDM is often chosen as an alternative to torch-on felt as it’s a flame-free and much safer option. There’s no dangerous equipment or naked flames to contend with! EPDM is extremely versatile too. It boasts use on domestic residences, sheds, garages, balconies and a vast array of flat roofs. This product is available in a selection of thicknesses too so surfaces which won’t be walked on could opt for a thinner rubber membrane whilst those which may occasionally see foot traffic can have a thicker layer installed.

EPDM roofing cost per square metre

It’s easy to find out how much EPDM you need for any flat roofing project by taking advantage of our experts on 01752 692 760 or using ClassicBond’s EPDM roofing kit calculator. This kit selector will ask you the area of the flat roof and which trims you may need. Once it’s got this information it will present you with a final total and breakdown of your kit. You can choose to add trims or not to add trims, it’s up to you!

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Showing 1-36 of 186