Steel Guttering

Steel guttering from Roofing Superstore comes from two well-known and well-respected brands, Lindab and Stainless Gutta. Stainless Gutta is brought to you from the makers of Coppa Gutta and they produce the only UK manufactured stainless steel guttering. Born and bred in the UK, Stainless Gutta boasts half round profile, ogee profile and box profile which are all rust free and weather resistant.

Steel guttering boasts many attractive properties which encourage people to opt for this material. This includes the 100% rust-free nature of stainless steel, meaning all thats needed for maintenance is the occasional gutter clean. Stainless steel doesnt warp or crack in different temperatures so theres no worries here when compared to plastic guttering.

Lindabs stainless steel guttering features an overwhelming choice of ranges including Lindabs galvanised Magestic steel guttering and Lindabs polyester painted steel guttering. Lindab polyester painted steel guttering offers all the benefits of stainless steel guttering with your choice of colour finish including the classics like black, white and anthracite grey, but also less common colours like copper, tile red and brown.

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