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Chimney cowls, or chimney pot covers, come in lots of different styles and specialist types as there are a range of issues with chimneys, stoves and hearths that they can help to fix. Chimney cowls are strapped or bolted on to a chimney pot or flue to prevent common issues for homeowners, landlords and tenants. The most common issues are downdraft, rain entering chimneys and then animals entering chimneys. Instead of a chimney cowl to divert smoke, you could just opt for a wire chimney guard to prevent leafs and debris coming in. 

Whilst chimney cowls prevent these issues, they can also improve the performance of the chimney as the gases and smoke naturally created are drawn up the chimney by the cowl itself. Homeowners often are aware that they need a chimney cowl as there’s an issue, be it with smoke not going up the chimney properly or with a bird coming in to the living room! This is why chimney cowls are often referred to as chimney bird guards.

What is a chimney cowl?

As well as stopping birds from coming down your chimney, a chimney cowl can direct smoke out of the top more efficiently and stop the fire from smoking unnecessarily. Chimney cowls can be fitted to solid fuel fires and gas fires. Most of the chimney cowls available in our range from Brewer Cowls can be fitted to chimneys with gas fires. The chimney cowls most compatible include Aspirotors, AerodyneBirdGuards, H Cowls, Cappers, KW Chimney Fans, and UFO Cowls. Multifuel chimney cowls are manufactured with a mesh filter that’s fine enough for both solid fuel and gas fire.

Extremely popular brands Colts Cowls, Windkat, and Brewer Cowls make up Roofing Superstore’s range of chimney cowls.

How do you fit a chimney cowl?

Fitting a chimney cowl is simple and can be done by strapping, bolt fixing or fitting a sleeve over the chimney. The fixing methods don’t cause damage to the flue or the chimney, so you can remove them without leaving marks or holes. Strapping is the most secure method of fixing a chimney cowl and almost all chimney cowls are available with this fixing method.

What sizes are chimney cowls available in?

Brewer Cowls range of chimney cowls are available to order from us in bespoke sizes so that you can achieve the perfect fit. Standard sizes however range from 100mm to 300mm internal diameters so it’s best to check if the range of cowls you’re after cater to the internal diameter of your chimney.

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