Chimney Cowls

Chimney cowls are coverings that fit on top of a chimney to stop the wind from blowing smoke back into your home while protecting your chimney from birds, debris and vermin. At Roofing Superstore, we stock a wide range of cowls from industry leading experts, including Brewer Cowls, Colt Cowls and Windkat.

Each chimney cap in our range has been designed to resolve a number of common issues that can be experienced with chimneys. This includes preventing birds and rodents from entering the chimney, protecting against fallen leaves and other natural debris and ensuring the chimney remains both waterproof and weatherproof.

Chimney covers in our range span bird guards, cappers, ultimate flue outlets and aerodynes, as well as the accessories required for installation. You’ll find a number of different colour options available, so you can fit a subtle cowl that matches your roof, or opt for a more daring choice.

Need some help choosing the right chimney cowl? Check out our useful guides below:

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