Moss and algae growing on roof shingles and tiles can be unsightly, not to mention damaging. Left to grow and embed themselves, these types of organisms can cause thousands of pounds of damage. Eventually, they will cause your roof to become unstable and degrade.

How to treat moss on roof shingles or tiles

Moss or algae growth is easily treatable with zinc or copper strips. For their inexpensive price and low environmental impact, copper strips are the most effective and cheapest way to do this. Copper is the third most recycled metal in the world, after iron and aluminium.

Moss on roof

Add a 2-inch thick strip of copper across the ridge of your roof, as close to the pitch as possible. This will protect roof shingles and tiles from growing moss. If your roof is larger than average, you might need to fix more than one strip. In this case, add a copper strip at the midway point down the roof, too. When it rains, the copper salt will be washed down the roof from the strips you’ve fitted and will coat the roof. This then prevents moss and algae from growing.

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