Lead Alternative Flashing

Lead alternative flashing refers to a range of roof flashings that are used to replace traditional lead where it may be prone to theft, it may slow down or a job or a cheaper material is needed. Traditional lead is hard to work with and needs specialist tools and knowledge. In comparison, lead alternative flashing is easily cut with sharp scissors or a knife and most brands say their product can be installed in at least half the time of traditional lead. 

Brands like Wakaflex, Dektite, Ubiflex and Easy-Trim offer a selection of roll widths, lengths and colours for easy completion of an attractive roof. The traditional lead colour grey is available to achieve an authentic look whilst brands also boast terracotta and black for finishing in line with the colour of roof tiles. It’s totally up to you and your customer. 


Take the waste out of your project with easy-to-install, easy-to-handle and easy-on-the-wallet lead alternative flashing.  

Products in Lead Alternative Flashing:

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Showing 1-36 of 53