Roof Tile Vents & Extraction

Choose from over eight brands of roof tile vents from the likes of Marley, Klober and Hambleside Danelaw to reduce condensation in loft space and ensure an extended roof life span. Adding roof ventilation can allow you to prevent rotting in timbers and building frames, saving you from expensive repairs. 

In a range of sizes and colours for you to get an exact match to your roof tiles, roof tile vents can be purchased in a variety of profiles. As well as having low-cost roof ventilation tiles compatible with well-known roof tiles, we also have a range of inexpensive tiles in profiles such as double roman, pantile and plain tile so that you can achieve the perfect match. In colours such as terracotta, sepia, red, grey and brown you can select a vented roof tile that will be the most discrete within the roofline. Whether you’re purchasing for a DIY project or you’re a professional with clients to satisfy, you can rely on this range of extractor fan roof vents and vented roof tiles to provide a solution for your application.

Universal roof tile vents

Universal roof tile vents are a handy option to have as you don’t have to identify the make or profile of the tiles you have installed on your roof, making them easy to replace and retrofit. You can also make savings by buying any brand of roof vent that is compatible with your tiles.

Our range of universal roof tile vents comes from big brand names that you can trust. Suitable for interlocking and plain tile roofs with a pitch over 17.5°, these roof tile vents are available in many ventilation area sizes so you can choose to install fewer but larger vents or install more smaller vents to achieve the look you desire.

If you’re unsure which roof tile vents and extraction products are the correct match for your roof, contact our helpline on 01752 692760 to speak to a roofing expert.

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