Roll Out Dry Ridge & Hip Systems

Roofing Superstore has a range of roll out ridge systems and roll out hip systems to create a durable, weatherproof and cost effective finish to your roofing project. Choose from brands including Easy Trim, Manthorpe and KLOBER, as well as a number of other popular and high quality brands.

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What are roll out dry ridge and hip systems?

A roll out dry ridge or dry hip system is a system that creates a secure, weatherproof roof ridge or hip. The ridge is the apex of the roof, whilst the hips are the parts at which the different sides of roof join together. 

The roll out dry ridge system consists of a membrane that is rolled along the ridge, and a number of fixings that allow a variety of concrete half round and angled ridge tiles to be installed along the roof apex without the need for any mortar or wet fixings. 

A roll out dry hip system works in a very similar way, with a length of vent roll being fixed on the hip of the roof, followed by the hip tray, and then a number of fixings to create a secure and weatherproof hip.

What are the benefits of roll out dry ridge and hip systems?

No mortar required

The first benefit of roll out dry ridge and hip systems of that there is no need for mortar. Mortar is the traditional method of fixing tiles to the ridge and hips of a roof, but has a number of issues. One such issue is that mortar requires fixing and repointing relatively regularly, whereas the roll out dry fixing system can be left once installed without regular maintenance.

Purchase as a kit

Secondly, using a dry ridge and hip system on your roof is that the system can be purchased as a kit, ensuring all elements required are provided with the right number of fixings, union brackets, and the right length of vent roll. These kits come from a range of manufacturers including Manthorpe and Marley, and tend to provide enough to create a 6m length of ridge or hip. This means that there is no wastage, and no worries that certain elements are missing or need to be purchased separately.

Easy installation

Each roll out dry fix system for both ridges and hips is easy to install, and comes with clear instructions. No special tools are required, and the products required are lightweight and easy to handle. This means that the installation process is much quicker than that of the more traditional mortar wet ridge and hip systems, saving time and labour costs.

Secure roof system

The roll out dry fix system is much more secure than the more traditional wet fixing method of using sand and mortar to fix the ridge and hip tiles to the roof. The self-adhesive strips will help to create a permanent and strong bond, and the fixings are secure and stable, keeping the tiles tight to the roof and unaffected by wind uplift and water ingress.


At the same time as being secure and preventing water from entering the roof space, the roll out ridge and hip systems allow ventilation to occur. This is a major benefit as it allows water vapour to leave the roof space, minimising the risk of condensation, which could lead to rot and mould. 

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