Bitumen Felt Shingles

Bitumen felt roof shingles are a classic choice for shed roof coverings and re-roofing a shed roof. These felt shingles make the perfect outbuilding cover because they are waterproof, inexpensive and good looking! Bitumen felt shingles come in an array of designs and colours to suit your style and the rest of your outdoor space.

Thin, lightweight and easy to install even for a beginner DIYer, bitumen felt shingles are uniformed and neat in either plain black or a splash of colour. Some bitumen felt shingles are sold as interlocking strips, but some are sold as individual strips that must be fixed together with a small overlap. However, most bitumen felt shingles are manufactured the same way.

Bitumen felt shingles are manufactured by pressing granules into a glass fibre bitumen felt strip. These strips feature designs like ‘square butt’, which is a simple square pattern on the finished roof, or ‘hexagonal’ which offers more contemporary hexagonal finishes. You’re also able to find ‘half round’ style bitumen felt shingles which are the most traditional types of shingles that give a scalloped look.

Brands like Katepal, IKO, Cembrit, and Roofing Superstore’s own brand offer a range of designs, shapes and finishing colours and textures. Katepal’s range of bitumen felt shingles boasts 2 styles and a selection of single colours and blended colours for an authentic tiled finish.

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