Zinc Guttering

Lots of people are opting for zinc guttering when it comes to choosing the roof guttering. Lightweight, strong, and durable, we have a range of zinc guttering here at Roofing Superstore from Zinc Gutta, reliable and quality zinc guttering suppliers with knowledge and experience in metal guttering. 

Choose from a range of downpipes, brackets, joints and hopper heads in a range of styles and sizes to suit your home, and don’t forget to give our team of experts a call on 01752 692 760 if you have any questions or queries about which product is best for you.

Why choose zinc guttering?

Zinc guttering is perfect for making a statement. Although initially a bright silver, over time weathering turns it into a colour similar to lead, so can be used on stone houses and period properties, but can also look good on more contemporary styles.

Zinc is durable and is not affected by extreme or prolonged weather conditions. Unaffected by corrosion, zinc instead builds up a patina, which is a layer that protects the metal from any corrosion. This layer also means that the guttering does not require any painting or coating to protect it.

Zinc is poisonous to moss and algae, meaning that there will not be much build up of plant materials over time. This will reduce the need for maintenance and gutter clearing, apart from periodic gutter clearance when required.

Products in Zinc Guttering:

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Showing 1-36 of 48