Lead Flashing & Roofing Lead

Lead flashing in all lead codes, 3 metre or 6 metre rolls and a choice of widths. Our lead flashing is milled in the UK to BS EN 12588:2006 standard. Our lead flashing prices are the best online and we offer special rates for bulk orders of milled lead. You’ll also find competitive deals on fixings, lead roofing slates, sealants and treatments, plus innovative lead alternative products. Whatever roofing lead you’re working on, you’re bound to find the perfect solution. Do you need help with which type of roofing lead you need? If you need some assistance before placing your order, or are unsure of which lead code you require, give our friendly customer service team a call on 01752 692760. They will be happy to help. 

Do you know exactly how much roof flashing you need? Use our cut-to-size service to get what you need delivered to site with no waste, no excess cutting, and no additional cost! 

How do you install lead flashing on roofs?

Lead flashing is not a DIY product as it takes years of experience to perfect installing a full lead roof. To help professional installers and those who are learning the ropes of lead flashing and roofing lead, Calder produced The Guide to Good Leadwork which is widely accepted in the industry as the 'go-to' for lead flashing roll and lead work. Lead sheet has been around for centuries so there are some rules that have been developed that no good lead-worker will deviate from. For example, pieces of lead flashing must not be any longer than 1.5m, and, you should only fix lead flashing with nails and screws that have a similar life expectancy (i.e copper). Each of these important notes and rules is laid out in Calder's guide alongside which thickness of lead roof flashing you need for certain application and how to best utilise patination oil. 

Lead Prices

Our lead prices are updated daily to ensure we’re bringing you the best possible lead price per kg. Calder is one of the UK’s oldest and well-known lead manufacturer and they have always supplied us with quality and reliable lead rolls, manufactured to each lead code precisely. Whilst our lead price is always the best it can be, we offer bulk discounts on the price of lead so the more you order, the cheaper each roll of lead is. Lead delivery is a flat-rate, even for orders that require a tail-lift. Concerned that your lead price isn’t the best it can be per kg? Give us a ring and we’ll be sure you’re getting the best deal! Find the price per roll of lead flashing here using our Price of Lead page, or get in touch with the team who will help work out the cost of lead flashing per metre. 

Lead Flashing Alternatives

Lead flashing alternatives come from brands such as DEKS, Cromar and Ubbink who all manufacture top quality lead flashing alternatives which are known to save time and labour on site. They don't need to be manipulated and installed by a master roofer, unlike lead flashing, and they can be a cheap alternative where lead is too heavy or where it may take too long to install. Roof lead alternatives are designed to look like lead, in colour and in their texture. In fact it's quite difficult to spot the difference between an alternative and genuine lead flashing on some occasions. Just like real lead flashing, lead flashing alternatives come in a variety of thicknesses. Unlike real lead flashing, alternatives are often self-adhesive. 

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