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Roofing Superstore has a wide range of slates to choose from to create the perfect, stunning slate roof for your latest roofing project, whether it is a new build or a renovation of a more traditional building. 

Our slate roofing buyer's guide will help you with everything you need to know about choosing, installing and maintaining a slate roof. For answers to questions like 'What types of roof slate are there?' and 'How do I slate a roof?' read this slate roof buyer's guide or contact our roofing experts who are on hand to answer your questions. 

*Please note, our slates are normally delivered on a six wheeled lorry (11m long & 2.4m wide), with a tail-lift facility to offload on solid, level ground with a pump truck. 

Non-compliance to delivery restrictions may result in additional delivery charges. Additionally, should you specifically require a crane or small vehicle offload, notify us at the time of ordering, as an additional charge may be incurred.

Why choose roof slates?

Roof slate tiles have grown in popularity as homeowners and contractors strive to create a stunning aesthetically pleasing yet affordable roofscape for their projects. The aesthetics of slate is one of the key reasons roof slates are the chosen – the natural variations within the colour of slate are incredibly desirable, as well as both smooth and riven finished slate options. Slate is a timeless roof material, allowing it to be used for both contemporary and more traditional period properties. Furthermore, the appearance of slate roofing can increase the potential selling value of the property.

Slate is a naturally formed metamorphic rock, that is incredibly durable and hardwearing. Additionally, slate is fire resistant, and does not absorb water meaning that it is unaffected by frost damage and extreme temperatures, including freezing. This means that slate roof tiles are long lasting, with lifespans of over 100 years, and can even outlast the building itself, with very little maintenance apart from the occasional replacement slate tile. 

Although at first glance roof slate tiles may appear more expensive than other roof coverings, the long lifespan means that they will often outlast other roofing materials by 2 or 3 times. This means that the cost of slate roofs over time is much lower than it appears.

Different types of roofing slate

There are a number of different types of roofing slate available to choose from depending on the key characteristics you require. As well as natural roofing slate, there are also several manmade roofing slate materials available.

Natural roof slate

Natural roof slate is one of the most stunning roofing materials available, and creates a unique attractive finish to your home. As well as being fireproof, frost resistant, and low maintenance, the appearance of natural slate roof tiles, with variations throughout the natural rock is something that cannot be replicated. 

Spanish slate

Spanish slate tiles are considered some of the most premium slate tiles available, and makes up around 80% of roofing slate used in Europe. Spanish slates are more dense than other roofing tiles, which means that they are able to regulate the temperature more easily. This can help save on annual energy bills, as it will retain heat in the winter, and keep the home or building cooler in the summer. 

Here at Roofing Superstore we offer 1st quality Spanish slates including Duquessa Spanish slate and Contessa Spanish slate, as well as standard quality Spanish slates.

Welsh slate

With a long-lasting reputation for high quality, stunning slates, welsh slate products come from infamous quarries in North Wales that are being considered for UNESCO status due to their reputation for producing such high quality slates. The durability of Welsh slate products is almost incomparable, with lifespans of over 100 years. Additionally, if your project is within the UK, Welsh slates are some of the most eco-friendly natural slates available due to their proximity, when compared with Spanish, Canadian, Brazilian or Argentinian slates.

Canadian slate

Canadian slates are often chosen for their high quality and high strength. Canadian slate products often have a blue-grey shade, and can be used instead of more traditional Welsh slate, as it is often less expensive, but can still withstand extreme weather and is also longlasting. 

Brazilian slate

Brazilian slate has begun to grow in popularity in recent years, so much so that Brazil is now the world’s second biggest manufacturer of slate. Although Brazilian slate has less heritage and tradition compared with Welsh and Spanish slate, it is still durable and long-lasting. The main difference between Brazilian slate and Welsh slate is that it is produced from mudstone, instead of true metamorphic rocks which are used to form true slate.


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