Bitumen Roofing Sheets

Here at Roofing Superstore we are proud to offer a range of bitumen roofing sheets for your latest roofing project, as an alternative to a more traditional roofing method. Bitumen roof sheets are widely used in stables, garages, agricultural buildings and sheds, as well as a number of other applications, and create a durable, weatherproof roof.

If you have any questions about bitumen roof sheets, or whether they will be a good choice for your project, don’t hesitate to call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner, and they will be happy to help. Alternatively, read on to find out more about corrugated bitumen sheets, their advantages and the different types of bitumen roofing sheet available today.

What are bitumen roof sheets?

A bitumen roof sheet is a sheet that is used as a roofing material on flat and pitched roofs. Bitumen roof sheets are manufactured from fibres that have been saturated with bitumen, to create a long lasting, durable and sturdy roof material.

What are the benefits of bitumen roof sheets?

High tensile strength

The first major benefit of bitumen roof sheets is that they have a high tensile strength, partly due to the added fibres, but also due to the profile, which is often corrugated. This means that bitumen roof sheets are incredibly durable, meaning they are unlikely to crack or split, and are unaffected by a range of elements including wind, rain and fire.

Quick and easy installation process

Bitumen roof sheets are much quicker and easier to install than more traditional roofing methods such as slates and tiles. This helps save time and labour costs, meaning projects can be completed within budget and on time. Each range of bitumen roof sheets has a range of corresponding fittings to ensure your project is installed easily and securely.


Bitumen roof sheets are also incredibly lightweight. This means that transportation, handling and installation processes are easier, and further contributes to a quicker installation time.

Variety of colours available

Bitumen roof sheets come in a range of colours, meaning you aren’t restricted on the overall appearance or design of your project. Choose from colours such as red, green, brown and grey to create a subtle appearance, or alternatively use the colour as a feature to stand out from the crowd.

What bitumen roof sheets are available?

There are a number of different bitumen roof sheets available from a range of different brands and manufacturers, but here at Roofing Superstore we stock the best ranges of bitumen sheets – Coroline, Onduline and Ondutile. Each roofing system comes with corresponding fittings to create the perfect secure, durable roof.

Coroline bitumen roof sheets

Coroline bitumen roof sheets are manufactured by Ariel Plastics, a market leader in the roof sheets, rooflights and other roofing accessories industry. Coroline bitumen roof sheets are 2.6mm thick, with a weight of 5.6kg per sheet. Each sheet is 2000 x 950mm, and comes in black, red, green or brown

Coroline roofing sheets fixing instructions can be found as a PDF titled Installation Guide on each product page, to ensure that Coroline roof sheets are fitted properly.

Onduline bitumen roof sheets

Onduline roof sheets are also manufactured by Ariel Plastics, and are manufactured from recycled cellulose fibres. Although very similar to Coroline, Onduline bitumen roof sheets are 3mm thick instead of 2.6mm, making them slightly more sturdy. Additionally, Onduline is considered the professional bitumen roof sheet, whilst Coroline is more commonly associated with DIY projects. Similarly to Coroline, Onduline roof sheets come in 2000 x 950mm sheets and are available in black, red, green or brown colours.

Onduline mini bitumen roof sheets

Onduline Mini bitumen roof sheets are roofing sheets that have been designed for low profile roofing applications, using the same manufacturing process as with Onduline and Coroline, but with smaller corrugations. 

Ondutile bitumen roof sheets

Ondutile is slightly different to the Onduline and Coroline bitumen roof sheets. Instead of acting as the primary roofing material, to create a weatherproof exterior, Ondutile is used as an underlay, to create a secondary roofing material. This means that your roof’s waterproofing qualities are reinforced, and any damages such as to slates or tiles in a storm, will not affect the roof’s waterproofing qualities.

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