When working on a property, its crucial to get the perfect guttering that is not only top-performing but also looks good. A guttering system that complements your property can be the perfect finishing touch, increasing its potential selling value as well as keeping your home protected from water.

Here at Roofing Superstore, we have a range of guttering, guttering supplies and accessories available, from plastic and uPVC guttering to stainless steel, copper and zinc guttering, and each material comes in a range of different profiles, including square, ogee and more classic half-round styles. 

Lindab Guttering

Lindab is a global organisation with years of experience in the construction industry, particularly focusing on drainage, guttering and ventilation products. 

The Lindab steel guttering system comes in a range of profiles, designs and finishes to suit your home or property. Choose from 12 different colours of polyester painted steel guttering from Lindab or opt for magestic galvanised steel guttering which has an allow coating consisting of magnesium and steel, to improve resistance to corrosion, especially useful in coastal areas.

The Lindab copper guttering system brings a sought after and desirable natural look to your property. The guttering system comes in classic half round guttering and downpipe profiles that will develop a protective patina and prevent the growth of moss and algae.


Coppagutta Guttering

CoppaGutta, part of the MetalGutta group, has been manufacturing and specialising in copper guttering systems for a number of years. Copper is becoming an increasingly popular choice when looking at guttering systems due to its resistance to corrosion (as a protective patina forms), a lifespan of 100 years or more, and its ability to be recycled. CoppaGutta manufactures copper guttering in the box, half-round, and ogee profiles, with square and round downpipes, and a number of other accessories including rain chains and hopper heads.

Brett Martin Guttering

With over six decades of experience in the plastics industry, Brett Martin has developed a range of cast iron effect guttering, to provide all the visual benefits of cast iron guttering, but with the physical benefits of plastic guttering.

Brett Martin’s Cascade cast iron effect guttering is durable and corrosion-resistant, yet affordable and incredibly quick and easy to install, and comes in a range of different colours, providing homes and properties with guttering that imitates classic traditional cast iron guttering that has shaped the landscape for years.

Alumasc Guttering

Alumasc has more than 70 years of experience in the manufacturing and development of rainwater systems, with a particular focus on aluminium and cast iron guttering. As the demand for different guttering styles and profiles has grown, Alumasc has developed a number of different guttering options to choose from and enjoy the benefits of.

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