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Sand Cast Lead Flashing Cut-to-Size

Sand cast lead comes in lead codes 6 to 9, each relating to a certain and precise thickness for different uses. Ordering sand cast lead in rolls however means you may have several offcuts, and lead left over at the end, that you have no use for. By using our cut-to-size sand cast lead tool you can save on waste, save money, and save time. You get exactly the amount of lead you need delivered to your site with all the hard cutting work taken out.

Maximise your efficiency by telling us the lead code you require, the dimensions you need, and how many rolls of this you would like. Unsure of the translation of thickness to lead code? Use our guide. For advice on sand cast lead code 9 and above, please contact us on 01752 692 760.

Why use sand cast lead?

Sand cast lead has been around for over 2000 years since the Romans used the material for water storage and ducts. Remaining popular for the years to come, the use of sand cast lead stretched into the Norman period as they used this long-life material on churches and cathedrals. The rough surface of one side of the lead is a perfect match for older lead which must be replaced, making sand cast lead a favourite material for listed buildings and conservation or restoration projects. Sand cast lead boasts outstanding longevity when it’s been casted and installed correctly. Casting sand cast lead is a very specific process with only a handful of casters existing in the UK today. A bed of sand is prepared and raked flat before molten lead is run over the length. The lead must then very quickly be skimmed to a certain thickness as the lead begins to cool with contact with the air. One side of this lead, the ‘sand side’, is the smoothest side and the other side, which the air strikes to cool the lead, is rougher in texture. After the lead has hardened it can be cut, rolled and shaped into whatever is required, ready for dispatch. Since sand cast lead is such specialist material there is no BBA certification or British Standard for this product. Due to this it’s extremely important to select a trusted and reputable source for your lead to ensure an even thickness, a high quality, and an accurate cut-to-size service. For more information on sand cast lead or the other lead options available to you please contact us on 01752 692 760.

Lead Cut to Size

Our cut-to-size Sand Lead products are currently unavailable. Please contact us for further information.

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