Plasterboard & Render Bead

Generally used to make interior walls and ceilings, plasterboard is made from two layers of paper, with a hardened gypsum core in between. It is generally used for insulation in walls and ceilings, but can also be used to provide extra insulation in the roof. 

Plasterboard comes in a range of styles, sizes, thicknesses and colours, depending on where it is going to be used.

Wall board is the most common form of plasterboard, where sound levels, fire requirements and structural properties are standard. With two sides, always ensure the plaster finish is on the ivory side.

Vapour panels, or moisture board is suitable for lining roofs and external walls – they are designed specifically to prevent movement of moisture into the building. This is generally achieved through a foil film  which stops vapour and moisture from passing through.

Sound panels, or acoustic panels, have a higher density core which further reduces the amount of sound that travels through.

When installing plasterboard, you may need renderbead to protect the edges of the surface from being plastered, whilst reinforcing the strength of the plaster. As well as a range of plasterboards we also stock a selection of render beads for you to choose from.


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