GRP Eaves Strip / GRP Bonding Strip

Choose GRP eaves strips and bonding strips to achieve a fanctastic finish without the need for costly lead products. We’re proud to stock a range of GRIP products from PAL Group, Harcon and Hambleside Danelaw.

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GRP bonding strips

GRP bonding strips are used where two walls meet, and different roof finishes are present. GRP bonding strips are particularly useful when reroofing, and provide a watertight junction above the party wall where roofing materials change. 

Eaves strips and eaves protectors

Eaves trays, or eaves protectors, are manufactured from GRP or PVC, in order to provide a long lasting and durable form of protection to prevent structural damage. If timber is exposed to water or moisture over a long period of time, mould, damp and rot can occur. 

How to fit eaves protectors

Eaves trays, or eaves strips, are the first sheet laid along the eaves of a roof, and bridge the gap between the eaves and the gutter system. The eaves tray or eaves strip then directs any rainwater into the gutter, and prevents the water from affecting the eaves of the building. 

Products in GRP Eaves Strip / GRP Bonding Strip:

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