Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are incredibly strong, lightweight and extremely durable. Often used in a variety of different projects, one of the most popular uses of polycarbonate sheets is on greenhouses. This is because polycarbonate is light and easy to handle, and its transparency allows for maximum light penetration.

Outbuildings are not the only place to utilise polycarbonate roof panels. Such sheets can also be used on the roofs of industrial buildings, in small home skylights and, in some cases, as an alternative to glass. There are many different types of polycarbonate roof sheets available, including flat, corrugated, twinwall and multiwall. 

Flat sheets are most commonly used for replacement or secondary glazing and in other commercial areas such as bus shelters. You’ll find twinwall has increased insulation properties, and multiwall is the most practical, often used in industrial roofing and agricultural buildings. 

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