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Vent turbines are a great eco-friendly solution to ventilating roof space easily and at a low cost. The Lomanco vent turbines below fix to the roof surface and when subjected to wind they rotate to ventilate air in and out of a roof space. This reduces the need for electricity and a central electrical ventilator which can be costly to run and noisy. Designed with tower blocks and apartment buildings in mind, there are solutions below for a range of airflow requirements thanks to wind-powered vents with an electricity boost when required, wind-powered vents that use a solar panel to charge a battery back for an extra boost, and dual turbines which hugely increase airflow capacity. 

Available from Roofing Superstore, Lomanco Vents are riveted at each connection to provide maximum stability and they also have lubricated ball-bearings for zero maintenance.  With the use of a turbine vent you can minimise energy bills and reduce the build up of ice in colder months, saving you money. Feel free to contact our roofing experts on 01752 692760 for more information on roof wind turbines.

Learn how to install roof vents and how to work out how many turbine vents you need here. 

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