Vapour Control Layers / VCLs

Vapour control layers (VCLs) are layers of specific materials which are used to prevent the movement of water vapour into a building’s structure. If moisture and condensation build-up inside a property it can lead to problems with mould, damp and rot. If left untreated, this can develop into both structural issues for the building, and health issues for its occupants.

We stock a number of VCL kits, barrier membranes and VCL tape so you can ensure your home remains watertight. Our vapour control layers are priced competitively, with budget-friendly options available alongside more expensive vapour barriers. The latter are often more suited to larger projects or areas where the air moisture content is high.

Our VCL membranes are supplied by industry leading experts, including POWERLON, DuPont Tyvek and NOVIA. You’ll find a range of permeability options available, alongside a choice of sizes, so you can pick the most suitable product for your project.

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