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Roofing Superstore offers a wide range of metal roofing sheets from reputable, high quality brands such as Britmet, Cladco, and Corotile, all at our famously competitive prices. Metal roofing sheet has grown in popularity as manufacturing processes have developed, resulting in metal roofing sheets that looks like more traditional roofing tiles, but with a number of added benefits. 

Metal roofing sheets are used in a variety of different applications, from car ports and garages, to workshops and outbuildings. They are also used in a range of more large scale commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, such as warehouse roofs and outbuildings. 

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Benefits of metal roof sheets


Metal roof sheets are incredibly quick and easy to install when compared with more traditional roof tiles. Each metal roof sheet is much larger than a single roof tile, meaning that less are required to cover the same area. This helps to speed up the installation time, keeping labour costs low. 


Another benefit of metal roof sheets is that they are lightweight. This also contributes to the fast installation process, as well as making the transportation and handling easier than more traditional roofing materials. 

Long lifespan

Metal roof sheets are incredibly durable and long lasting. Often, metal roof sheets are coated with a resistant PVC or zinc coating, making them rust and chemical resistant. This adds to their longevity and lifespan, and they are also unaffected by extreme weather conditions. 

Low maintenance

Metal roof sheets create an incredibly low maintenance roof surface. The coatings help ensure they are resistant to corrosion, but the metal surface is not attractive to moss and mildew growth either. Additionally, a quick wash is all that is required to clean the metal roof sheets, and they are not damaged easily by jet washes or other forms of cleaning, unlike other roof surfaces.

Environmentally friendly

Metal sheets for roofing can be manufactured from recycled materials, which reduces energy required to manufacture new metal compounds. Additionally, metal roof sheets can be recycled at the end of their lifespan to create new roof sheets, reducing waste.

Use as cladding

Metal roof sheets can also be used as roof cladding for the exterior of a building. Metal cladding is growing in popularity as more variations in design and colours become available. Metal cladding provides extra protection to the building, shielding the building from extreme weather conditions and erosion, whilst still being lightweight – this minimises the extra weight and stress that is added to the building.

Available as steel cladding, galvanised roofing sheets can be an amazing long-term solution. Choosing roof cladding sheets can be difficult when it comes to which material you want. So if you have any questions regarding steel cladding sheets or tin cladding sheets, give us a call for advice or click the links to find out more!

Metal roof sheet profiles

There are a number of different profiles available when it comes to choosing metal roof sheets, each of which provides a different style and appearance. 

Corrugated metal roof sheets

Corrugated metal roof sheets are some of the most common metal roof sheets available. With an undulating design of valleys and peaks, the wavey structure of corrugated roof sheets adds strength and impact resistance. As well as providing extra strength, the valleys allow for more efficient water run-off, reducing the potential for standing water to occur. 

Box profile metal roof sheets

Box profile metal roof sheets are a more contemporary alternative to more traditional corrugated roof sheets. Still manufactured with valleys and peaks, the structure is strong and with high impact resistance, but instead of having rounded waves, the structure is more rigid and made up of straight lines. This can be a good choice of metal roof sheets for building cladding and more contemporary buildings. Cladco’s box profile metal roof sheets are some of the most popular metal roof sheets in the industry, due to the the range of colours, sizes and thicknesses available in Cladco’s innovative box profile design.

Pantile imitation metal roof sheets

A number of metal roof sheets have been manufactured to imitate traditional pantile roof tiles, ensuring all the benefits of metal roof sheets are experienced, but the overall aesthetics emulate traditional roofing tiles. Pantile profiled metal roof sheets are great for roofing projects where the building needs to blend into the local area, or for a renovation project of a periodic or more traditional building. Choose from Britmet’s Ecopan and Ecopan Plus metal roof sheets, the Pantile 2000 range, or Corotile’s lightweight metal roofing system.

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