Klober Easy Form Plus Self-Adhesive Flashing

Klober's Easy Form Plus self-adhesive flashing is a flexible and durable alternative to traditional lead flashing. In 3 colours to match tiled roofs and brickwork, Klober Easy Form Plus comes in 5m rolls in a selection of widths so it's easy to use with minimal waste and minimal time spent preparing the product for use. Easy-Form is available in lead grey, anthracite, and terracotta with a universal stretchable tape. 

This lead alternative flashing has a metal grid structure inside the flexible material to offer flexibility with rigidity. It will easily mould to the contours of a roof without snapping or stretching too much and it's very easy to work around corners with. It stretches up to 30% as it has no lead content, which also means there's no risk of theft since there's no resale value. Opt for Klober Easy Form Plus and you get a flexible, durable product which self-fixes onto dry and dust-free surfaces without any glue or extra adhesives present.


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