Fibre Cement Ridge

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What is a ridge tile?

Ridge tiles run along the apex of a pitched roof, creating a cover over where the two sides of tile meet. Ridge tiles are required to create a waterproof and weatherproof seal, preventing the ingress of any water, as well as any insects or birds. 

What is fibre cement?

Fibre cement, also known as fibre reinforced cement, is a building product widely used in roofing. Fibre cement is a cement that has a number of fibres within it, to act as reinforcement

Why opt for fibre cement ridge tiles?

There are a number of benefits to using fibre cement ridge tiles on your roofing project.


Firstly, fibre cement is a strong and durable material. This means it is unlikely to break, and a number of fibre cement ridge tiles can come with a warranty of 50 years or more, meaning that the manufacturers are confident in the durability of your ridge roof if you use their fibre cement ridge products. 

Resistance to elements

Secondly, fibre cement is resistant to a wide range of elements, particularly moisture. This means that unlike other more traditional roofing materials, fibre cement ridge tiles will not absorb water, which can cause a number of issues including splitting and cracking. Additionally, fibre cement is not a material that mould and mildew grow on easily – unlike a number of other roof tiles. This means that the roof ridge is secure which is important, as any damage or wearing on the roof ridge can cause serious issues both structurally and in the roof space below.


Fibre cement is an incredibly lightweight material – it is as much as four times lighter than concrete. This makes the transportation, handling and installation processes quicker and easier, keeping costs low and sticking to the scheduled time frame. 


There are a number of fibre cement roof ridge tiles available that have been manufactured to provide extra ventilation to the roof space whilst still protecting the roof ridge from the ingress of water and insects. A vented fibre cement ridge retains the overall appearance of the roof ridge, whilst also allowing moist air to leave the roof space, reducing the potential for condensation to occur, which can lead to damp, rot and mould.


Fibre cement ridge tiles come in a number of different styles and colours to allow you to create a functional roof ridge without compromising on style. Additionally, fibre cement ridge products come manufactured to a range of different angles so that they will fit on a wide variety of pitched roofs. Choose from duopitch fibre cement ridges, for gable roofs, or monopitch fibre cement ridges for single roof planes that cover the whole building

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