FAKRO Venetian Blinds

FAKRO have manufactured a wide range of venetian blinds in various colours and sizes, designed specifically to fit FAKRO roof windows. FAKRO are one of the leading UK manufacturers of roof windows and relevant accessories, and are focused on delivering high quality stylish and attractive products at the best value possible.

What are FAKRO venetian blinds?

FAKRO venetian blinds are blinds that are designed to adjust the amount of light that enters a room through a FAKRO roof window. The venetian blind consists of a number of lightweight slats that sit within aluminium side rails. 

The blind can be pulled up or down the window, and when the blind is pulled down, the slats can be rotated. This provides maximum control over the amount of daylight that enters the room. When the venetian blind is not required, the lightweight slats fold up tightly and compactly against each other for minimal visual impact.

The venetian blinds from FAKRO are operated manually, and are simply pulled down by hand when required. If the blind is situated in a hard to reach area, such as on a high up roof window, a ZST control rod can be used to pull the blind up or down.

Different types of FAKRO venetian blind

The FAKRO venetian blind is available in a number of different colours, and each size has been manufactured to fit a specific FAKRO roof window. This ensures each FAKRO venetian blind fits perfectly on the window. 

As well as numerous different sizes, there is also a wide selection of colours of FAKRO venetian blinds. Choose from relatively subtle and neutral colours to blend in with your room, such as white, cream and beige. Alternatively add a point of interest or a pop of colour with our metallic coloured venetian blinds, bright orange and mustard yellow blinds, and more.  

If you’re unsure as to which FAKRO venetian blind would be best suited to your project, or you are struggling to find exactly what you’re after, don’t hesitate to get in touch – call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner and they will be more than happy to help.


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