Metal Joist Hangers, Struts & Truss Clips

Metal joist hangers, struts and truss clips are crucial to the supporting structures of a roof. In our range, we supply efficient fittings that are easy to install and suitable for many applications. 

We stock a range of type 4 wall ties for such projects as embedding them in mortar for brickwork. As well as truss clips to help securely attach trusses and rafters to wall plates. Additionally, opt for herringbone struts to support timber floor joints if needed. 

You can purchase durable, resilient metalwork in many different lengths and widths to suit the size of your timber and fit easily around it. We also supply fittings in various materials like galvanised steel or stainless steel to suit your requirements. 

Products in Metal Joist Hangers, Struts & Truss Clips :

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