It’s important to have the correct hammer for the job, and when installing or repairing roofing, windows, vents and other accessories you’ll often need a roofers hammer. Used for nailing roofing membranes and cladding onto the roof, removing nails and breaking up stones, here at Roofing Superstore we have a selection of roofing hammers for you to choose from depending on the task in hand.

Claw Hammers

Claw hammers are most commonly used for a range of maintenance activities, and so are relatively lightweight. They have a large cylinder shaped striking head, and a claw on the opposite end of the hammer head to remove nails with. They are not designed for hitting heavier objects, and can damage soft materials such as wood and painted surfaces because of the hard wearing hammer head.

Club Hammers

Club hammers are also known as lump hammers. They are used for driving chisels and masonry nails, so are heavier than claw handles, but are designed to be used in one hand so aren’t too heavy.

Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammers are much bigger than normal hammers, and are designed to be used with both hands. They are used for driving stakes into the ground, or breaking up stones, so are much heavier than other hammers. 

Slaters Hammer

A slaters hammer is designed for work on slate, and has a thin pick to cut holes in slate, as well as a rectangular head to drive nails. They can also include a nail pull for removing nails.

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