Trowels can be used for repairing cracks in roofs, sealing gaps, applying cement or roofing felt adhesive, as well as for day to day tasks on a construction site or at home. Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of trowels to choose from depending on its main use.

A gauging trowel is generally used for mixing in small proportions, so good for use when making small repairs to roofs using small quantities of mix.

A pointing trowel is designed with accuracy in mind. The pointed tip allows you to spread material in tight spots, so is great for complex roofing structures or hard to reach spots.

Margin trowels are used to mix materials, scoop and spread materials over the required area, whereas mastic trowels are specifically designed for the application of roof mastic, specifically trowel mastic which forms a surface skin, but with a relatively soft mass below to allow some movement. 

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