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Roof lanterns are the perfect way to add a feature to your flat roof, letting maximum levels of natural light in whilst providing a unique feature and views of the sky above, which is particularly impressive on a clear night. Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of roof lanterns from high quality and reputable brands such as Reflex, Atlas and Korniche.

A roof lantern consists of a number of panes of glass that are joined together to create a single feature in your flat roof – a window that sites out of pane to the roof itself. Roof lanterns are a great way to maximise the amount of light that can enter a room, as a roof lantern typically has a much larger area of glass compared to other roof windows. 

Roof lanterns are not only aesthetically pleasing, and create a point of interest within your house, they also help to cut energy costs. With maximum daylight entering the room, artificial is not required until the evening. Additionally, as manufacturing processes and technology has progressed, the insulating properties of roof lanterns have improved, meaning that no heat loss occurs, and it helps retain heat better. This can also reduce energy costs, as the sunlight can heat the room up, reducing the need for heating. 

Reflex roof lanterns 

Reflect has created a range of slimline roof lanterns for your home, focusing on providing maximum daylight to the room below. Designed to be timeless, Reflex rooflights feature minimal glazing bars to create the slimmest roof lantern available. The Reflex slimline roof lanterns come with self-cleaning glass, and a frameless bottom edge, which allows for easy run-off, and reduction in build up of dirt. The slimline rooflights from Reflex come in 5 different colours, and in a range of different tint glazes, depending on privacy requirements, glare and light transmission.

Atlas roof lanterns

Atlas Roof Lanterns offer a wide range of roof lanterns for your flat roof. Atlas roof lanterns let in around three times as much daylight into a room as a classic flat roof window, flooding the room with daylight and reducing the need for artificial lighting. Atlas roof lanterns come in a range of traditional and contemporary styles, and are renown for their ease of installation. Additionally, you can order custom-size roof lanterns from Atlas to create the perfect unique feature in your home.

Korniche roof lanterns

Korniche is one of the leading brands in the roof lantern market, particularly known for creating sleek and attractive products that are also incredibly functional. Using advances in technology, the Korniche roof lantern has no cold bridging – one of the main ways in which heat loss occurs. They also are incredibly sturdy and stable – the 6x4m Korniche lantern can withstand over 8 tonnes without breaking.

If you're not sure what size or brand of roof lantern you require, check out our roof lanterns size guide for help. 

If you have any questions or queries about roof lanterns for your flat roof, call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help


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