Choose a roof lantern to flood light into your home and provide outstanding views, at night and during the day. With slimline bars and maximum glazing pane space, both fantastic brands of roof lanterns, Atlas Roof Lanterns and Korniche are poised to offer a stunning focal point for your property.


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Atlas roof lanterns size chart

Atlas roof lanterns come in a traditional style and a contemporary style to match any home interior. Both gorgeous in design, each Atlas roof lantern is double-glazed offering u-values from 1.60 to 1.43. Choose between clear glazing or blue-tint glazing which diffuses sunlight to minimise solar glare for a more comfortable space underneath. Once your size and glazing are chosen, take your pick from one of five possible colour combinations including all black, black and white, grey and white, all grey and all white.

1500mmAtlas roof lanterns
2000mmAtlas roof lanternsAtlas roof lanterns
2500mmAtlas roof lanterns
3000mmAtlas roof lanternsAtlas roof lanterns
4000mmAtlas roof lanterns


Korniche roof lanterns size chart

Korniche manufacture stunning roof lanterns in four standard sizes, each of which can be purchased with two glazing options that offer a u-value of 1.2. Choose between five colour combinations (such as all black, black on white, all grey, grey on white and more) and what’s more, Roofing Superstore offer a price match promise*! If you find any Korniche roof lantern for cheaper elsewhere like-for-like, let us know and we’ll match this price.

2000mmKorniche roof lanterns
2500mmKorniche roof lanterns
3000mmKorniche roof lanterns
4000mmKorniche roof lanterns


*price match promise live at the time of publishing

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