Choose a roof lantern to flood light into your home and provide outstanding views at night and during the day. With slimline bars and maximum glazing pane space, the two fantastic brands of roof lanterns, Atlas Roof Lanterns and Korniche are poised to offer a stunning focal point for your property.

But how big should a roof lantern be?

To help you choose the right Korniche roof lantern or Atlas roof lantern for your property, we’ve put together a guide on roof lantern sizes complete with both Atlas and Korniche roof lantern measurements.


Table of contents:

Atlas roof lanterns size chart

Atlas roof lanterns come in a traditional style and a contemporary style to match any home interior. Gorgeous in design, each Atlas roof lantern is double-glazed, offering excellent U-values from 1.60 to 1.43. You can choose between classic clear glazing or modern blue-tint glazing, which diffuses sunlight to minimise solar glare for a more comfortable space underneath.

Once you’ve decided on the size and glazing, take your pick from one of five possible colour combinations, including all black, black and white, grey and white, along with all grey and all white.


Check out our Atlas roof lanterns range here.


Korniche roof lanterns size chart

Korniche manufactures stunning roof lanterns in four standard sizes, each of which can be purchased with two glazing options that offer a U-value of 1.2. Choose between five colour combinations (such as all black, black on white, all grey, grey on white and more).

But that’s not all!

Roofing Superstore offer a price match promise*! If you find any Korniche roof lanterns for cheaper elsewhere like-for-like, let us know and we’ll match this price.


Check out our Korniche roof lanterns range here.


*price match promise live at the time of publishing



How much is a roof lantern?

Roof lanterns vary in price depending on their size, material and glazing type. As we mentioned earlier, at Roofing Superstore we have a price match guarantee for Korniche roof lanterns, and our roof lanterns range in price from £800 to just over £3,000.

Do you need planning permission for a roof lantern?

Unless your home is a conservation area, you don’t need planning permission to install a roof lantern so long as you abide by the permitted development rules:

  • The roof lantern does not extend 150mm above the sloping plane of the existing roof.
  • The roof lantern is not higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • If the roof lantern is on a side elevation roof slope, it needs to have obscure glazing.
  • There are no roof openings unless their height is at least 1.7m above the floor.

How to fit a roof lantern

Both Atlas and Korniche roof lanterns are relatively easy to install and come with detailed step-by-step installation guides.

To fit them, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Soft mallet
  • Wire cutters
  • Sealant

The exact process may vary slightly depending on the model but is likely to involve some sort of variation of the following steps:

  1. Slide the eaves beams together using corner brackets. Temporarily secure corners with tie wraps.
  2. Apply sealant where indicated.
  3. Assemble the spider using correct size bolts and tapered washers.
  4. Attach the spider and slide the glass into the retainer.
  5. Rotate the glazing into position.
  6. Adjust the glass retainer, rotate into position and use the mallet to fit the clips.
  7. Clip the top caps onto the ridge and space centrally.
  8. Clip the top caps onto the hips.
  9. Clip the top caps onto rafters and tap up into position.
  10. Clip the boss top caps into position.
  11. Fit the fir tree clips to the end caps and push the end caps onto the ends of the hips.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, everyone is looking to add more light into their homes. A roof lantern is an ideal way to do this while also enhancing your property’s design. Choose the right style and size for your home, and you’re good to go. For more tips, check out our Roof lanterns buyer’s guide.

For help and advice with purchasing a roof lantern, contact our customer helpline on 01752 692 760. You could also use our live chat in the bottom right corner.

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