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TapcoSlate roofing solutions are designed with a natural slate appearance in mind. They know how important authenticity is and work their hardest to provide durable, attractive roofing slates. Check out their range at Roofing Superstore to see what you can apply to your property. 

Roof vents

Tapco roof vents are designed for a seamless fit into your new slate roof. The subtle addition can provide low or high-level support, where roof construction doesn't allow eaves or ridge vents to be used, as well as on complex roof shapes that do not allow effective cross ventilation. 

Ridge and hip accessories

The ridge and hip accessories by Tapco come in a variety of colours to ensure your roof has a seamless appearance. Coupled with the Tapco Synthetic Slate you can ensure your roof is fit successfully with flexible and high-quality, authentic looking products. 

If you would like more information, contact our customer service team or use the chat box to speak to an advisor. 

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