Fast Flash Lead Flashing Alternative

Fast Flash lead flashing alternative from Hambleside Danelaw is a patented composite product that’s an ideal alternative to traditional lead flashing methods. An aluminium grid is embedded in polymer rubber to form a lead replacement flashing that can be beaten with a lead dresser and that is able to cope with standing water. The environmentally friendly lead alternative is available in Traffic Grey with Black and Antique Red available on request. 

Why should I use a lead alternative?

Thanks to its flexible and malleable make up Fast Flash lead alternative is 50% quicker to install than traditional lead flashings and requires no specialist tools. There’s no need for welding or gluing! As the reverse side of Fast Flash is fully adhesive, every cut off you make is reusable ensuring there’s minimal waste and that your purchase of flashing goes further. When installed according to instructions Fast Flash lead alternative has a 10-year guarantee. If you apply two layers of Flash Seal over your lead alternative flashing this guarantee is increased to 20 years.

Learn everything you need to know about lead alternatives here.

When is Fast Flash suitable for installation?

Suitable for use in any flashing application this product can be used in valley head and eaves, chimney perimeters, wall abutments, solar panels and rooflight fittings. Fast Flash is compatible with other Hambleside Danelaw roof flashing products including individual and continuous soaker ranges. They can be fitted down to a minimum pitch of 5°.

Unsure if Fast Flash lead alternative is suitable for your project? Contact our helpline on 01752 692 760 for more information.

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